Halloween Party Ideas

Whimsical Weddings & Elegant Events

I love getting all dressed for Halloween and attending parties! Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just getting ready for that “Trick or Treat” time of year, Have fun with some DIY projects!

Here are some inspirational ideas for a scary night whether your getting together with friends to watch a scary movie, attending a spooky costume party, or just to get your home in tune with the Halloween spirit.




Until next time lovers,

❤ Mrs. Jilly

Whimsical Weddings & Elegant Events



Whimsical Weddings & Elegant Events


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The Oh-So Versatile Paper Straw

The Land of the Swoo

The days of a boring, clear drinking straw are long gone. It seems now no drink is complete without its favorite new accessory: a colorful paper straw. Perusing Pinterest, we’ve seen these adorable straws popping up all over the place – but not just in drinks! They’re used in baking, as decoration, and even as party favors. We’re super inspired by all of your ideas and have collected some of our favorites to share with you:

The Cake Pop: In lieu of the traditional wooden skewer, try out some colorful paper straws as your cake pop handle. Delicious + oh-so colorful.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.18.37 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.30.23 PM

Chocolate Malt Cupcake: Well, a simple chocolate cupcake would just be boring now, wouldn’t it?!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.09.36 PM

Pinwheels: Use paper straws as your handle in this fun, kid-friendly pinwheel craft idea. Or create the pinwheels ahead of time to use as decoration and let each guest take one home as…

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Last Minute Costumes For Kids

Halloween Party Ideas!

The Pastryarch's Blog

Halloween Party Ideas!

Check out my Halloween cake decorating videos! Pumpkins, ghosts, blood, guts, gore and more! 3 more nights of celebrating! http://www.youtube.com/ThePastryarch

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Fun Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Activities


Yes, your rehearsal dinner is the time to perfect the all-important wedding march, but who says you can’t have fun afterwards? Why stick to a stuffy, done-before dinner when you can use the opportunity to really show your bridal party a good time? They have been by your side throughout your entire wedding journey and it would be nice to give them a little thank you surprise before the main event. Here are a few alternative rehearsal dinner ideas that can help make the night extra special for you and your guests.


Bon Fire Fiesta


Bring it in Brunch




Friendly Competition


Karaoke Craze


Movie Night


Wedding Wine & Cheese

Read it and see it at Wedding Party.

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Composite Bouquets

Here Comes the (Future) Wedding Planner!!

I may as well say this now…Hello, my name is Jen and I am addicted to Pinterest.  I was going through my dashboard last night and I came across an interesting bouquet that I had only recently seen for the first time in the photos of a friend’s wedding.  I have been introduced to the world of the Composite (or Glamelia as I have discovered) bouquet.  The blog ‘First Come Flowers’ offers a really great look into what these super trendy bouquets even are.  Basically, they are a sizable bouquet that looks like one giant flower but is actually comprised of the petals of several flowers and/or plants.  They are so amazingly chic and contemporary.  They fit right in with my total obsession yesterday of finding unique bouquets and even non-floral bouquet alternatives…I will definitely be doing some follow up posts on those.  For now though, enjoy my Glamelia Inspiration…

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Krylon Spray Paint Mania!!


So I’ve been saving up some projects that need to be spray painted.  I have found many uses for Krylon Glitter Blast and I’ve been hanging onto some Chalkboard that I knew I would find a use for. I made a fun day of it and tried to keep things well ventilated! See future posts for the uses of my finished products.

DocLauraB's Spray Paint Adventures with Krylon

Here are the projects I was working on:

Ala Pinterest, I saw this and really wanted it, but the heavy duty slate boards are so expensive! So this worked, I also looked at using chalkboard contact paper at the suggestion of a friend, but I couldn’t see it wrapping around the handle. But I still have it, I am thinking about a pantry/garage project to make use of the contact paper.


  • Gold glitter mini clothespins for a photo…

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Wedding tips: How to deliver the perfect wedding speech

Luxury Beach Weddings at Buccament Bay Resort

No wedding is complete without the traditional speeches by the best man, father of the bride, maid of honour or groom. However, public speaking can be a daunting task so we’ve put together some handy tips to help you give a polished and memorable speech.



Firstly, have a clear idea in your mind of what you would like to include in your speech and write your ideas down in simple bullet points. Next you should write your speech out in full and then break it down into headings on numbered cue cards to use on the day.


Practice makes perfect! Practice your speech until you’ve familiarised yourself with it and try it out on someone who will give you an honest opinion. Try to memorise the speech as much as possible; it will be more engaging for your audience if you’re not reading it off a piece of…

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Burlap Wedding Inspiration


Darian and Dechele Events

Burlap is the perfect fabric to use for a eco-friendly wedding and there are so many different ways to use it in the wedding and reception decor. Make your own table runners out of burlap or use it to create napkins at your reception.

Consider pairing burlap with lace and you have a gorgeous combination! Perfect for a barn, vintage, rustic wedding…prepare to be inspired!

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Top 5 Honeymoon Picks

A BeachMasters' Take

Recently, my Facebook and Instagram feed has lit up with the latest engagements. Just enough time to plan for that gorgeous spring wedding. And don’t forget about the honeymoon! With guest lists, dresses, flowers, the list goes on and on (I’ve been there), why don’t you leave the honeymoon planning to us?

All inclusive honeymoons are fantastic since it’s paid for up front and there is no stress of pinching pennies or adding up money spent while on your vacation – save that first marital fight over finances for after the honeymoon. You get unlimited food, drink (nonalcoholic and alcoholic), and complimentary access to many on-site activities. Here are some of our top romantic honeymoon picks.

1. Couples Swept Away; Negril, Jamaica

Jeff Herron Photography, Inc.Alright, I may be a bit bias. This is where I went on my honeymoon. Talk about a romantic place perfect for relaxing as a couple after wedding craziness…

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