16 Things Not To Do When Attending a Wedding as a Plus One

New York Cliché

I was a plus one at a wedding this past weekend. Let me impart the wisdom of what I learned NOT to do if you want to be a good wedding date!

1. Over pack

Keep it to one carry-on if at all possible.

2. Wait until you’re on the plane to reveal your fear of flying


3. Dress inappropriately

serena-williams-swim suit
Unless you’re Serena Williams and you’re crashing a beach wedding.

4. Be clingy

“No! Please! Don’t leave me alone for one second!!!”

5. Live tweet 

livetweetinggif You don’t want to be the girl on her phone the whole night.

6. Gossip about bridal party fashion choices

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all (unless your date brings it up first).

7. Wax poetically about your dream wedding

Keep that shit between you, your bffs, & Pinterest.

8. Flirt with groomsmen

flirtgif Rude.

9. Rigidly adhere to an obnoxiously restrictive, voluntary diet

cleansegif Unless…

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Fall Inspiration


Happy Fall Blissful Brides . It’s the first official week of fall and we are all kinds of excited here in the blissful office . The official return of pumpkin spiced latte, candy corn and candy pumpkins . The smell of fresh baked pies and the beautiful change of color of the leaves let you know that fall is here.

The Beginning of fall is Perfect for me the weather is not to hot and not to cold. you can wear a light sweater and set out your gorgeous table design with hints of oranges, browns, cranberry and creams . I could go on and on about the beauties of fall, but lets talk about  how to you incorporate it into your special day . If you are having a fall wedding first off Congrats and secondly let me give you some inspiration to help you in your planning .

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Wednesday Wedding Tips

Tabula Tua


Wedding Tips

Although the summer season of weddings has slowly waned, the fabulous fall and winter ceremonies are on their way, and we have 10, stellar tips to help you plan your special day!

1. Give in to the chaos
No matter how much planning and triple-checking you do during the months (or years) prior to The Day, it’s almost silly to think there won’t be a single thing that goes a little off-key. And that’s okay! Let it go; ride it out and roll with those punches. As long as there are two “I Do”s, that’s really all that matters. Your day will go much smoother if you embrace the chaos and choose to enjoy every little moment of the day, even if they weren’t planned!

2. Write thank-you notes as gifts come in. Do not get behind, unless you want to spend your honeymoon crafting odes to the…

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Bride & Groom Cake :: I love this.

{ EAT YOUR CAKE NAKED } ten pretty naked cakes

Visuelle Productions's Bridal Show Blog

There’s A LOT of beautiful wedding cakes out there these days and the options seem endless to get delicious flavors as well as stunning visual cakes to top it off! Fondant covered cakes have made many bridal beauties elegant cake dreams come true, allowing sleek lines and details not able to be performed before the fondant hey day! However, as ALWAYS, just like I love myself many a fancy style white dress; I am a LOVER of all things cake as well! Butter cream covered, fluffily frosted, cupcakes pretties, cake pop cuties, fondant beauties, and NOW the trend of the NAKED CAKE! One thing I am definitive over is the importance of having a wedding cake. I heart traditions; they help signify special moments, so cut a cake gosh darnit and shove it OR nicely put it in each others’ cute faces and make that moment memorable! And, if you don’t…I’ll…

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A Sneak Peek of Our Favorite Trends From Our LA Couture Show!

Why Weddings?

Someday Morning

Before I dive into to all of the crazy wedding posts and trend talk, I figured I would share a little bit about what lead me to this obsession.

I have always loved the idea of being an event planner, but it wasn’t until this spring that I decided to start pursuing it. In February, the student-run public relations and advertising agency at OU put on a small networking conference with professionals from several big-name agencies in the industry. Our faculty advisor tapped me to help coordinate scheduling and other details.

The conference was a big hit and I had such a good time in my role that I wanted to explore how I could do more. I knew a family friend nearby had her own event planning company, so I reached out to her for some guidance as to where to go next. To my amazement, she offered to let…

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Debra Fried Northfield on Top Wedding Trends for 2015

Planning Your Dream Wedding With Expert Debra Fried Northfield

As one of the country’s preeminent wedding professionals, Debra Fried Northfield is often asked about the future of weddings. Here are some wedding trends she foresees for the coming year.

Debra thinks that weddings will be smaller. Many couples want less crowded and more intimate affairs. They would rather spend money on a honeymoon or on a house down payment than on a wedding.

Debra Fried Northfield on 2015 Weddings Will brides opt for smaller weddings in 2015?

Along with the smaller wedding trend, Debra thinks more brides will want to do some of the hands-on wedding work. Brides want to customize their weddings so the ceremony and the reception reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. Brides may want to arrange their own flowers, for example. If they’re handy with a needle, many brides may customize their off-the-rack wedding gowns. They can embellish these gowns with colorful extras such as sleeves, colored belts and beadwork.

Debra Fried Northfield on 2015 Ceremonies Look…

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Flower Girls Don’t Have to Toss Petals (See 6 New Ideas!)

The Next Big Bridal Accessory Trend For Spring….