We are (and so is our sister shop, Premier Bride’s Perfect Dress) super in love with Watters. Come check out their gorgeous styles here!

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Wedding Gown Of The Week

St Pattys Bonjour

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

I fell in love with this gown the moment I laid eyes on it. Watters has some pretty stunning Bridal dresses that don’t break your budget. It’s pretty, delicate, and pink! lol

How does everyone feel about the color dress trend? In my opinion, as long as the wedding gown is not a dark horrid color, then why not? Not every bride is the same, and not everyone looks good in white.

You can find this gown and the rest of the Watters 2013 Color Trend collection here.

St Pattys XOXO Dee

ps- How’s watching The Oscars’ tonight? I will just for the gowns LOL

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There’s an App for That!

With the excitement and thrill of becoming engaged comes another monstrous task. Now the planning begins!

Finding what you love and the style you desire won’t necessarily be an issue. (Check out our Pinterest board HERE for inspiration! ] Organizing everything though, well…let’s just say that part can become overwhelming.

So, to make the planning process even easier, we present some handy apps to help you create your own wedding website, track your budget and scan items to your registry. Let us just say, we LOVE technology!  Anyway, here you go…happy planning!

Wedding App

Happy Couple: This app is meant to replace your wedding website for the bride who is fast moving and needs things done quick! This app includes a run down on your story, as well as news, events, photo gallery and even a registry tab!

Vera Wang on Weddings: The most influential wedding gown designer has her own app, in which she helps you plan your wedding, depending on what type of style you are going for. A countdown is also built into the app to keep you on track of what you need to get done, and what you have accomplished. The app even keeps track of your invitation list!

Our Wedding App: This app is designed for information about your wedding, complete with a camera that your guests can use to take pictures and instantly send them to you. The pictures can be instantly streamed into your wedding venue if you choose to do so. The app also includes directions to the ceremony, reception, and you can send the couple a message. You can also find hotel and transportation information in this handy app.

Wedding Budget: This app is the perfect visual aid to help you plan your wedding without stressing! You simply input your wedding budget into the app, and let it do the magic. This app will keep track of payments made to the vendors, and let you know when the next payment is due.

Wedding Scan: With the use of your barcode scanner function on your smart phone, this app allows you to scan virtually any item and add it to your registry. This is a perfect app for any couple that likes to shop around and look at the items before putting them on the list.

Fun Wedding: Having trouble thinking of the perfect song list for your reception? Have no fear, this app is designed to make picking songs fun and easy. Samples are on this app as well as genres that you can listen to, so you can pick your music accordingly.

Some other free and helpful wedding planning apps are Wedding Genius, Wedding Planning Complete, and Wedding Budget.  Do a quick search of your own and see what apps will work for you; with so many to choose from, every bride can stay organized.

Sure, it’s beautiful, but the most important aspect of bridal lingerie is practicality.

My Wedding Bag

Wearing lingerie can make women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy…when it’s worn correctly. This is especially true of bridal lingerie. Sure, it’s beautiful, but the most important aspect of bridal lingerie is practicality.

That being said, here are some tips for choosing and wearing bridal lingerie!

Which color is best?


(Photo courtesy of examiner.com)

White on white is usually the best choice. If you don’t opt for white, ivory or nude coloring are also good options. Avoid dark colors (red, blue, black).

Neckline is Key


(photo courtesy of: onewed.com)

Remember to choose a bra that’ll coordinate with the neckline of your dress. For plunging necklines, you should have cups sewn into your dress.

Do a practice run!


(photo courtesy of: beweddingplanner.com)

Try out your undergarments with your dress before hand. This will help you to avoid any unwanted sites (panty lines) on your special day!

Practicality comes first!

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What are your responsibilities as a bridesmaid?


1. This is NOT about you. It is about being a friend to this woman who thought enough of your friendship to want you to be a member of her wedding party on the most important day of HER life. Not yours. If you don’t think you can be pretty selfless for a year or more, politely decline. How do you politely decline? In any number of ways, but do it politely.

2. You will hopefully be asked to give feedback to the bride’s image of the perfect bridesmaid ensemble. Give your feedback, but avoid obnoxious declarative statements like, “I’m not wearing that.” Remember, HER day. There is a way to offer constructive feedback in order to save yourself from spending the day in an unflattering outfit: POLITELY.

3. You will spend some money in the coming year. You can have some budget parameters in mind to keep the bride…

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Lounge!

Embellished Events {Blog}


One of the first questions I ask my clients during the design process is, “What kind of environment are you looking to create for your guests?” and the response I hear a lot includes: unpretentious, relaxed , social and welcoming. A great way to create this atmosphere is to incorporate lounge areas into their designs. It can be as simple as having two sofas facing each other or as posh as having multiple tufted banquettes with custom sewn pillows, several ottomans and accent pieces and all surrounding an over the top floral arrangement that stands 4′ high. The concept works within most budget ranges because you could spend anywhere from $300 to $3,000.

Here are some of my ideas for creating lounges:

Staging is Key –  There are many ways to arrange the furniture for your lounge and it really depends on the number of pieces you have. Make sure…

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Love these! Simple, flirty and totally fresh!

The wedding stationary you choose sets the entire tone for your wedding day. Will it be quirky, to mirror your silly style or will you choose an elegant theme to carry out an enchanted evening? Whatever you choose, we love these designs featured here.

Fashion pas

After a few weeks (fine, months!) of daily research, I realized we had to start getting off Pinterest/Snippet&Ink/Green Wedding Shoes and actually start making decisions.

Organizing a wedding on your own (i.e. without delegating to a professional event planner) can be tricky that way. If you’re not careful, time runs out on you.

In our case, we weren’t having a long engagement. The risk was there for us to let time go by without having sorted things out.

However, I couldn’t see why anyone would need more than two or three months to put everything together! I started having an overdose of these after a month or so of daily exposure!

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We love spring, entertaining and of course, weddings!

Embellished Events {Blog}

Spring brings with it beautiful blooms and blushing brides galore, which makes it one of my favorite times of year! Give me pastels, seersucker, gingham and sandals and I’m one happy girl.

While shopping online other day, I came across this adorable pair of pumps and was immediately inspired by the beautiful swirls of watercolor pastels.

As a little girl, I loved painting with watercolor! It was so easy to do and mistakes were nearly impossible to make. It also required very little cleanup and was an inexpensive way to exercise my creativity.

Watercolor details can be adapted into any spring wedding color palette so grab a glass of wine and your maid of honor for a fun night of painting everything from table numbers and drink signs to place cards and menus. Even a simple streak will make a big impact!



Embellished Events
Phone: (843) 757-7762

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Featured Vendor – Reverie “Artsy Fartsy” Cinema & Photo


Check Out Their Awesome Blog Too!

Featured Vendor – Reverie “Artsy Fartsy” Cinema & Photo

If for no other reason than their purely awesome name and tagline, you need to go check out Reverie Cinema & Photo. Then you’ll be blown away by their ability to capture images and memories in a most unique way. We are loving their style and encourage you to head on over and visit their website, Facebook page and well…just go check it all out.

You won’t be disappointed.

About Reverie

Ray is an awesome cinema shooter and started ReverieVP.com after shooting weddings beside Alicia at ThePhotoFriends.com  and seeing a need for a fresh perspective on video here in the valley.

Sometimes they shoot beside other photogs doing cinema, or shoot with other videographers doing photo, but we LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting cinema and photo side by side together.  Their passion really shows through when they collaborate and you can really see that in the work they produce together.

Please look through our photos and wedding trailers, fall in love with being in love and the idea of capturing it.  Let them know if you’d like to get to know them better than on a blog page and you can sit down, have some coffee and talk about your big day.

“We love having fun, we love being happy, we love being in love, and we LOVE shooting weddings! ” ~ Ray & Alicia

Photo by Derek Lapsley

So You’re Interested, eh?

So, you’re interested in what the damage is going to be, huh?  We’ll start off by saying that we ain’t your daddy’s wedding videographer (in a good way!).  We offer an artistic and cinematic approach to traditional videos.  If you haven’t already, spend some time checking out our style, I’m sure that you’ll find it refreshing.

If you’d like more information on what we offer & pricing, the best thing would be to head over to the “Contact Us” page & send us your info, or you can just give us a call @ 559-392-7848.  We’d love to have a sit down with you & chat about your special day ;)

Thank you for stopping by and make sure to check out the “Meet Us” page to see a little more about who we are and what we do.  If you’re looking for a great photographer you should check out our sister company The Photo Friends.  We offer a pretty awesome incentive if you end up booking both photo & cinema with us.  Have a wonderful day!

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