What Every (good) Wedding Planner Wants Engaged Couples to Know (Part Two)

Benefits of a Large Wedding Party

Bright Occasions

Shortly after the engagement, many couples will decide whom they want to stand by their side on the wedding day. Traditionally the wedding party has consisted of certain roles, but in today’s world there is no right or wrong size or shape of the wedding party. Both guys and girls can be included in the mix for a Bride and for a Groom. Some couples even opt for no wedding party and instead may just have a sibling stand by their side. There are benefits to both a small and large party. As discussed in my last post, a small wedding party can be very intimate.

Here are the advantages of having a large wedding party, as seen on The DC Ladies:

Anne Lord Photography, Bright Occasions Real Wedding Photo by Anne Lord Photography, Bright Occasions Real Wedding

1. More friends = more fun! The larger your wedding party, the more people who will be…

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Two savvy wedding planning tricks


The internet is FULL of tips for saving on the cost of a wedding, and this is not a wedding blog, so I will try to keep my posts on the topic to a minimum (even if I can’t, just remember this is only temporary!). Even though I am trying to limit the wedding chatter, there are a few things that I have done that I feel super savvy about, so I am going to share them anyway.

  • Negotiated with the photographer. So far the most confusing part of wedding planning is understanding the price ranges for things like photography. I have found prices between $500 and $4900 for the same deliverables- so the difference must be in the experience of the photographer (and theoretically the quality of the photos). My fiancé and I both agreed that photos are a budget priority- but can we get the same product if…

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How to Incorporate your Pet into your Wedding


I love my dogs. I think they are wonderful. No one is happier to see me come home than they are. However, I wouldn’t want them in my wedding, but not everyone shares the same sentiment. So, for my brides who list your pets as dependents on their taxes, and have puppy birthday parties with event coordinators, here are a few ways to tastefully allow your furry loved one in on your big day.

 Use them as the flower girl escort

This way they can walk down the aisle, but have someone to keep them from running away. Even the most well behaved pet might fall prone to stage fright. Make sure the flower girl and your pet are well acquainted before the wedding.

 Have them as the ring bearer

I don’t too much favor tying the pillow to their head, and then tying the ring to the pillow. Way…

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A wedding – something to run towards

Almonds and Vanilla

trainersSo, last August (wow, that feels like a long time ago now!) my wonderful boyfriend proposed, and soon afterwards we set a date to get married in July this year (this year, THIS YEAR – ARGH!!!). I am so excited and we have a beautiful and fun wedding planned, but my god am I freaking out over losing weight for it!!

If ever there was good motivation to get fit and in great shape, your wedding is The One. So many photos…so many angles…

I found and bought ‘The Dress’ in early December, and when I bought it I knew that I wanted to lose a few pounds and tone up so as to feel my very best in it come July. I was realistic – I bought a size that fit, but I just wanted to slim a little and firm up so that both the dress and…

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Sprucing up your engagement ring for the big day


In a few days you will be walking down an aisle and marrying the man you love. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Your skin is glowing, your hair is shining, your dress is illuminating, and your engagement ring is…not. But don’t fret, here are a few tips to making your bling sparkle.

Homemade Remedy
For those who have some time and prefer to do things before crunch time, try this simple and easy remedy. While at home (or in the hotel) make a solution with warm water (almost hot) and dishwashing soap. Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush, and then rinse under warm running water. If needed, repeat, but don’t brush too hard or vigorously.

If you want to skip the gentle brushing remedy and you happened to have waited until W-day…

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Wedding Themes & Trends for 2015

Strawberries and Chocolate – Wedding Favors Ideas


Wedding favors come in many shapes and colors – but the truth is that edible favors will always be among the most popular ones. If you want your wedding to be special for everyone and if you want your guests to genuinely enjoy their wedding favors, why not settle for one of the following strawberries and chocolate ideas? Romantic, sweet and full of flavor, these favors will steal everyone’s hearts away!

Desserts for sale at Cooper's Hawk.  I like the endless field of yummy.

  • White and black chocolate-covered strawberries. Offer each of your guests a “pair” of strawberries covered in white and black chocolate and decorated as the “bride” and “groom”. This is a really cute and delicious treat everybody at your wedding will enjoy!
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry shots. Cover your strawberries in chocolate and fill them in with vanilla vodka shots. Serve them to your wedding guests as such or pack them nicely for a wedding favor they will not forget very soon!
  • Strawberry…

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Hot Wedding Trends in 2015

Design Your Tie

banquet-453799_1280If you are getting married in 2015, there are a ton of new and hot trends to look out for. Every year, couples from around the world look for ways to make their wedding unique and special and it’s without a doubt that 2015 has some interesting trends that will make them stand out. Individualism is in the air and couples are keen on making their ceremonies and receptions flared with their own personality.

British Invasion

With the popular show dominating primetime TV, Downton Abbey will be bringing that afternoon tea and garden party flare to many of the weddings in 2015. Not to mention the appeal of Princess Kate, weddings with British themes will be all the rage for any diehard Brit fan. Expect to see vintage lace, loosely styled floral centerpieces and Victorian dresses.

Modern Luxury

If the Brit’s style isn’t your cup of tea, than you might…

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