Gorgeous Wedding Dress Touches

So you have found the perfect dress, but its just missing a little something? Why not try adding a beaded or colored belt to give it that extra pop that it needs? Belts add a lot to a gown, and with the right belt, it can take a simple dress and transform it into an amazing dress.


Belts are the perfect opportunity to call attention to your small waistline. When you add a belt, your waistline instantly looks smaller, and you look fabulous. Consider adding a belt if you don’t think you have a waistline present, (you really do) and you will automatically have one!

Belts come in various colors, and can compliment the dress really nicely. You can match your belt to the color of your wedding, or you can match it to the seasons. If you are having a December wedding, consider adding a red belt onto your wedding gown, to give a nod toward the season. This addition is always pretty on a gown.


Belts can be just a simple piece of ribbon, to an elaborate piece of fabric. They can also have elaborate beading on them, or just a minimal type of beading. With the sparkle belt, you are adding just that much more sparkle to your day, which you can treasure forever.

When ordering your wedding gown, ask if the belt is included, if not, you will have to order it separately. If you are ordering a belt separately, make sure you know how much the belt is going to cost. Depending on the style of the belt, you might find yourself spending more on that, than the dress.



Wedding Lace ~ On Trend This Year

Blame it on Princess Kate, but lace is here to stay! Designers have caught onto the lace bandwagon, and have attached lace to just about anything they can! Lace is timeless and classic, and can look elegant coming down the aisle. You can find lace in just about any aspect of your wedding, and of course your wedding gown too!

You can implement lace details in your bouquet, on your bridesmaids, your shoes, and even your tables. Lace table runners and table cloths are becoming very popular, so be on the lookout.


There are different types of lace, as well as different edging for the lace accents. Lace can be embellished with sequins, pearls or crystals, and will always look great. The most popular types of lace include: Chantilly, Alencon, and Spanish lace. There are many types of lace not listed, but equally as beautiful. In addition to the types of lace, you can also have lace appliqué which is applied to your gown, instead of a head to toe lace gown.

Remember when dressing in lace, you want a smaller pattern, it will always look beautiful on you! If you have a more prominent pattern, it might bring about some flaws that you want to camouflage.


Lace can come in different colors, but if you are using lace for your wedding gown, go for champagne, blush or black under the lace, as it will make the lace stand out a little more. The possibilities are endless.


Hair Adornments & Veil Choices

After searching for your wedding dress, there is only one more item that could possibly complete the bridal look- your headpiece! There are many different kinds, all of which can compliment the dress!

ivory bridal headpiece feather fascinator birdcage veil art deco wedding hair accessories - made to -f96663

You could choose a tiara, and look like a princess on your wedding day, complete with a stylish hairstyle, or you could get a fun and flirty comb. Combs can come with hair adornments such as crystals or feathers, all of which look great with wedding gowns.

Another great headpiece idea is to purchase a bridal cap. Bridal caps are very glamorous, and exude class. They only look good with the right  gown so keep this in mind while gown shopping, if you have your heart set on a bridal cap.

Fascinators can also be used, and have been wildly popular since Kate Middleton wed Prince William in 2011. Fascinators can range in price, and can be very intricate. They are very visually appealing, and can be the right addition to your bridal look!


When choosing your headpiece, keep in mind if it will look right with your wedding gown. Take a picture of your wedding gown along with you, or purchase it when you go gown shopping. Take your purchased headpiece along with you when going to your hair appointment so that your stylist can play with it in your hair!


Gown Preservation

After your whirlwind of a wedding day, you might be thinking now what do I do with my wedding dress? Your wedding dress is the most important garment you will ever wear, and you want to take the appropriate steps to preserve your wedding gown for future use. If you have a daughter, this could be the perfect item to pass down to her, or you could simply preserve it to look pretty! In addition, you might consider preserving your bouquet, a beautiful way to remember your day!

There are a couple ways to preserve your gown including sending it away for preservation by a local company. Most bridal boutiques will offer the service for a fee, and they might even send them out for you. In addition, you might consider preserving it for yourself, by framing it on a wall in your house. Although this might not be the norm, some brides are going to that extreme to preserve their memories. If you plan on having children, preserving your wedding gown is a sweet gesture that can be treasured for many years, and passed down.

gown-preservation1Another item that can be preserved from your wedding day is your bouquet. You probably put a lot of thought into what flowers you had in your bouquet, so preserving it is really the best option. Consider having your flowers professionally pressed in a frame for an interesting conversation piece to hang on your wall. Your flowers will look perfect forever! For a more three dimensional effect, consider having your bouquet professionally freeze dried and placed in a dome or shadow box. This will create a lasting memory for you.



There’s an App for That!

With the excitement and thrill of becoming engaged comes another monstrous task. Now the planning begins!

Finding what you love and the style you desire won’t necessarily be an issue. (Check out our Pinterest board HERE for inspiration! ] Organizing everything though, well…let’s just say that part can become overwhelming.

So, to make the planning process even easier, we present some handy apps to help you create your own wedding website, track your budget and scan items to your registry. Let us just say, we LOVE technology!  Anyway, here you go…happy planning!

Wedding App

Happy Couple: This app is meant to replace your wedding website for the bride who is fast moving and needs things done quick! This app includes a run down on your story, as well as news, events, photo gallery and even a registry tab!

Vera Wang on Weddings: The most influential wedding gown designer has her own app, in which she helps you plan your wedding, depending on what type of style you are going for. A countdown is also built into the app to keep you on track of what you need to get done, and what you have accomplished. The app even keeps track of your invitation list!

Our Wedding App: This app is designed for information about your wedding, complete with a camera that your guests can use to take pictures and instantly send them to you. The pictures can be instantly streamed into your wedding venue if you choose to do so. The app also includes directions to the ceremony, reception, and you can send the couple a message. You can also find hotel and transportation information in this handy app.

Wedding Budget: This app is the perfect visual aid to help you plan your wedding without stressing! You simply input your wedding budget into the app, and let it do the magic. This app will keep track of payments made to the vendors, and let you know when the next payment is due.

Wedding Scan: With the use of your barcode scanner function on your smart phone, this app allows you to scan virtually any item and add it to your registry. This is a perfect app for any couple that likes to shop around and look at the items before putting them on the list.

Fun Wedding: Having trouble thinking of the perfect song list for your reception? Have no fear, this app is designed to make picking songs fun and easy. Samples are on this app as well as genres that you can listen to, so you can pick your music accordingly.

Some other free and helpful wedding planning apps are Wedding Genius, Wedding Planning Complete, and Wedding Budget.  Do a quick search of your own and see what apps will work for you; with so many to choose from, every bride can stay organized.

Premier Bride Showplace Tips

You may find that the more time you can save in planning your wedding, the better. Our bridal show can be the one stop shopping experience you need to plan your entire wedding, especially if you go prepared. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Premier Bride Showplace:


  • Plan In Advance – Make a list of what you will need most and what your budget will allow for each item and service. Be sure to leave some room for the unexpected – you never know when you may see something you’ll want to have that you never thought of.
  • Be Ready To Make Decisions – Bring the major decision-makers to Premier Bride Showplace with you. If you are the major decision-maker, bring someone with you that you can bounce ideas off of. Be ready to book your favorite vendors there at the show. Some exhibitors may even offer day-of-show booking discounts.
  • Dress For The Occasion – Remember to wear comfortable shoes. Need we explain more on this one?
  • Fashion Forward – Bring a notepad with you to jot down any dresses or tuxes you like during the fashion show. It will be much easier for you to remember which Bridal Salon featured the gowns you like. You’ll also want to be able to take notes when attending the seminars.
  • Above all, have fun! Bridal shows may be useful and informative, but they’re also a blast. You’ll have a great time with your family and friends – planning your perfect day!

Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?

-1Every bride to be knows the benefits of a wedding dress sample sale – gorgeous designer wedding dresses, at fantastic – they won’t last long – prices.  You’ve got to be quick to snag a sample sale deal, because these sales pop up quickly and the gowns are first come first serve.

Our sample sale is a great way to get a gorgeous gowns at a steal (some of the gowns are up to 80% off) and shoes & jewelry is also available.

Most bridal gowns are a bridal size 10 (which is close to a size 6 or 8 in street clothing sizes), but some are a bit bigger or smaller so check out what we have. Happy Shopping!

*All items sold off the floor are AS IS and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

So, what is the difference between a Trunk Show and a Sample Sale?

AWhile both events provide an opportunity to nab that perfect wedding dress, a trunk show isn’t the same as a sample sale. A trunk show is similar to a fashion show, where the designer brings his or her latest collection to a special event. Brides can often book a personal consultation with the designer, and if you buy the day of the show, you can get a small discount (usually 10 percent). Your dress is then made-to-order and arrives brand-new.

On the other hand, a sample sale features drastically reduced prices, with discounts up to 75 percent off. There are many gowns to choose from, and you can often find a couture designer dress that’s within your budget. These selections are usually the display ones that brides have tried on in retail stores or that have been worn in fashion shows. Thus, the sizes are limited and the styles may have been discontinued. Sample sales can also be crowded because of the large number of brides eager to find their dream dress at the right price. If you do find your ideal gown, be sure to inspect it for any imperfections. Dresses are sold “off the rack,” and you won’t be able to return it if you find any tears or marks later on. If you see a minor imperfection that you think can be fixed, remember to factor in the added cost to the total price tag.


Premier Bride Wedding Center


Complete Wedding Planning in One Location…

On the Northwest corner of Herndon and West, Premier Bride Wedding Center is located in an 8,800 sq. ft. building, fully equipped with a conference room, over 10 offices housing multiple wedding professionals, and anchored a bridal salon, Premier Bride’s Perfect Dress. The Premier Bride Wedding Center is the first of its kind in the Central Valley. With today’s brides looking for ways to streamline their planning, the Premier Bride Wedding Center is the first stop for local brides.

With over a 10 year history in the Central Valley, Premier Bride was founded as a local bridal magazine. After publishing the magazine for several years, the owners, Tracy Barnes and Kristy Montgomery, began producing a bridal show in 2006: Premier Bride Showplace. The success of the magazine and the bridal show helped launch the idea of the Premier Bride Wedding Center.

Premier Bride Wedding Center

7075 North West Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711

» 559.435.8888 T
» 559.447.8873 F
» Map & Directions


Premier Bride Featured Vendor – Mancini Emcee & Sound

“MANCINI” Emcee and Sound Production Inc. is the leading entertainment company in Central California.  They have provided service for over 2000 wedding receptions, company functions, community events, birthdays,  anniversaries, and other events.  “MANCINI” has the knowledge and experience to create an event that is personalized to each client.

Special Event Entertainer, Disc Jockey, Emcee, Game Show Host

Debbie Mancini is the ‘heart and soul’ of the company; promoting the business and scheduling all functions. She conducts the consultations, coordinates the events, and is experienced as a sound engineer as well as being comfortable as an emcee. She instructs the inter-activities and teaches the new dance routines.

Greg Mancini is the ‘seasoned veteran’, who has been in and around the music and entertainment all his life. His voice-overs have included Television and radio commercials, corporate documentaries and promotional videos. His experience has gained him confidence with every facet of the business; from consultations, coordinating events to emceeing and sound producing.

“Professional style and grace…” A professional emcee keeps your guests informed, announcing all events with professional style and grace, insuring the events you have selected will be properly presented.

An experienced sound engineer presents the music selected throughout the celebration and maintains a comfortable volume. He is trained to inspire guests with music to dance and enjoy the festivities late into the event.

Your emcee and sound engineer will assure a memorable event.

Choosing the right entertainment for your function is one of the most important decisions you have to make to ensure the success of your event. By hiring “MANCINI”, you can relax and know that your special event will be one to remember.

About Our Bridal Shows – Next Show, Sunday, January 20th 2013

A Bridal Odyssey

All in one place… All in one day.

  • Over 80 wedding professionals
  • Multi-Media Fashion Show
  • ‘Sweet Treasures’ wedding cake dive
  • Wedding Gown giveaway by Elegant Bride of Fresno
  • Cruises and more…

A Bridal Odyssey is the longest running Bridal Show in Central CA.  Over 80 wedding professional to give expert advice and answer your questions.  See displays on what they have to offer to make your day special. Sample catering food and wedding cakes. At 2:30 PM see our exciting Multi media, high energy fashion show showing all the latest new gowns and tuxes for the guys. All registered brides have a chance to win prizes in our national acclaimed “Sweet Treasures” wedding cake dive. A lucky bride will find a cruise hidden in the cake. Lots of gifts and prizes for the brides and grooms given away all day. One lucky bride will win a beautiful wedding gown by Elegant Bride. Grand prize honeymoon cruise of your choice.

Tickets are $10.00 at the door. Buy tickets online at www.abridalodyssey.com and save $2.00 or complete the form for a $2.00 discount to present at the door.

Modern Bride Magazine is giving every registered bride a one year subscription with paid admission to the show.

Don’t want to miss this spectacular Bridal Event!

Produced and Directed by: ‘MANCINI” Emcee & Sound Production, Inc.

Mancini services are extensive and include:

  • Wedding and Reception Coordination
  • Celebration and Event Planning
  • Professional Master of Ceremonies
  • Corporate Challenge-Team Building
  • Producers of ‘A BRIDAL ODYSSEY” bridal shows -January and July


  • TV-Style gameshow “MANCINI Mania”
  • Wedding and Celebration Invitations
  • Dances of all venues and music styles
  • Interactive Entertainment Games
  • Custom and personal ‘voice over’ music edits
  • Professional television and radio voiced commercials
  • Professional corporate video voiced promotional tools

MVP Weddings Partners with the Premiere Bride Wedding Center Utilizing Art and Technology to Provide New Cinematic Wedding Videography Options in Central California

MVP Weddings, a company that specializes in Cinematic Wedding Videography, is partnering with the Premier Bride Wedding Center and deploying an iPad kiosk to provide new wedding video options to brides. The Wedding Center is an 8,800 square foot one stop wedding planning shop for brides in Fresno, California.

Fresno, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

MVP Weddings, a company that specializes in cinematic wedding videography, is partnering with the Premier Bride Wedding Center to bring additional wedding video options to brides in Central California. The Premier Bride Wedding Center is an 8,800 square foot one stop wedding planning shop where brides can find wedding dresses, flowers, planning services, makeup, DJs, photographers, videographers, and a variety of other services. MVP Weddings has a display in the Wedding Center where brides can obtain free DVDs, chocolate, and wedding video information. They will be able to watch sample wedding videos and check availability for their wedding date via an iPad kiosk that will be installed next week.

Quote startThe MVP Weddings iPad kiosk will allow brides to see examples of our cinematic wedding videos where we tell the love story of the couple… and make a reservation right there from the Wedding Center showroom.Quote end

“We are really excited to be partnering with the Premier Bride Wedding Center,” said Matt Martin, owner of MVP Weddings. “We have been impressed with the high quality, friendliness, and excellent customer service that their staff provides. In accordance with the concept of providing a one stop shop where brides can easily find an abundance of high quality resources, we’re deploying an iPad kiosk at the Wedding Center. The MVP Weddings iPad kiosk will allow brides to see examples of our cinematic wedding videos where we tell the love story of the couple and integrate their story with stunning footage shot with beautiful cinematography of their wedding day. In addition, they will be able to use the kiosk to check and see if we are available for their wedding day and make a reservation right there from the Wedding Center showroom.”

About MVP Weddings

MVP Weddings creates beautiful wedding videos for couples that tell their love story artistically through cinema. The company tells the story of who the couple is, how they fell in love, and the beauty of their relationship. They want couples to be exceedingly pleased with the result.

Matt and Susan Martin, the owners of MVP Weddings, moved to Fresno in 2011 and established MVP Weddings after 8 years of digital video production experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. MVP Weddings provides wedding videography services throughout the Central Valley, Los Angeles, and San Francisco areas. MVP Weddings is available for destination weddings.

About Premier Bride Wedding Center

On the Northwest corner of Herndon and West in Fresno, California, Premier Bride Wedding Center is located in an 8,800 sq. ft. building, fully equipped with a conference room, 16 offices housing multiple wedding professionals, and anchored by a tux shop and bridal salon. The Premier Bride Wedding Center is the first of its kind in the Central Valley. With today’s brides looking for ways to streamline their planning, the Premier Bride Wedding Center is the first stop for local brides.

With an eight-year history in the Central Valley, Premier Bride was founded as a local magazine. After publishing the magazine for several years, the owners, Tracy Barnes and Kristy Montgomery, in 2006 began producing a bridal show: Premier Bride Showplace. The success of the magazine and the bridal show helped launch the idea of the Premier Bride Wedding Center.