Featured Vendor: Weddings At The Grove

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The Grove is located on a 24-acre ranch.It retains the quiet country atmosphere present throughout the ranch. This wonderful rural setting is only minutes from the freeway and is centrally located in California. Our beautiful location is in the outskirts of Sanger, CA, Fresno County.

The abundance of trees and vegetation provides a lush, natural backdrop for timeless photographs of your wedding and reception. The Grove is a relaxing and welcoming setting for your reception.

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The rental fee includes:

  • Landscaped, manicured and decoratively lit midway grounds, exclusively yours…no other weddings would be held that day.
  • Access to the grounds for a rehearsal a day prior.
  • The stage and dance floor.
  • Tables, chairs and white linens (tablecloths and napkins) for up to 200 guests (500 capacity).
  • A large bridal room and a groom’s room, both with a/c and restrooms.
  • An event coordinator is available during set-up and throughout the wedding and reception.
  • Security, additional is extra if serving alcohol.
  • Lighted grass parking area.
  • You are free to bring any licensed caterer you’d like.

Use of The Grove for an extended rehearsal gathering or dinner is available for an added fee.

The Grove has available (for an added fee), a complete DJ and sound system with lighting which includes your play list and is able to take requests as well. The event coordinator is also included to do any M/C speaking that you’d like to have done…begin toasts, first dance, etc.
Photo montages to music displayed at your event are also available through an associate.   CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US

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Premier Bride Featured Vendor – Golden Palace

Premier Bride Featured Vendor – Golden Palace

The gorgeous Golden Palace is the perfect site for any occasion that demands a touch of sophistication and elegance. Our luxurious ballroom can host up to 1200 guests and comes fully equipped with built-in screens, projectors and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment. To help create the perfect ambiance for your occasion, turn to the attentive and professional coordinators of the Golden Palace. Whether you envision an intimate commemoration with just you and your beloved, or a festive gathering of family and friends, rest assured every detail will be meticulously handled to perfection.

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From the moment you enter our gorgeous marble foyer until you dance your first dance as husband and wife in your choice of ballrooms, Golden Palace will help bring your unique vision to life.  The Golden Palace Ballrooms can accommodate anywhere from 100 to 1200 guests.  They are pleased to offer a variety of customized packages to help give you the wedding event you always dreamed of.

Thier new menus offer an array of choices from the classic to the daringly distinctive with special touches from our very own chef.  Whether it is white gloved service or a traditional buffet, our artful execution will add polish to your platinum occasion.  To help create the perfect plate for your occasion, the Golden Palace’s chef will not only customize your plate he will also provide you a complimentary food tasting to guarantee that the food is not only tasteful but presented with perfection.

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Golden Palace wedding professionals are experienced, dedicated and ready to assist you.  Please feel free to email sales@fresnogoldenpalace.com or call us at 559-233-1234 to arrange your personal tour. For more images visit out Gallery page.

The Right Venue for You

By Anne Driscoll & Premier Bride


The Right Venue For You 
The secret to planning a fabulous, stress-free wedding reception is finding the right venue. By addressing several issues before you book your location, you can avoid costly mistakes and unwanted surprises, and have the reception you’ve always dreamed of.

 Finding the Right Location
The first step for any wedding is to begin by setting the wedding date, size, budget and style. Once these particulars have been established your next major decision will be the reception location. If you already have a place in mind contact the facility manager and confirm availability of the date you’ve selected. This is also a good time to schedule an appointment for you and your fiancé to view the site. Don’t procrastinate! Choice locations are often booked one to two years in advance and prime dates go fast.

If you have no idea where to hold your reception, try hotels, banquet halls, restaurants, community centers and country clubs. Other less obvious options are country inns, historic homes or mansions, city parks, college or university facilities, art galleries, museums and boats. Each location offers its own unique style and ambiance.

Types of Facilities
There are two basic types of reception facilities: on-site and off-site. Most on-site locations provide the majority of services you will need for your reception: catering, beverages, tables, chairs, tableware, linens and serving staff, making this a very convenient option. The facilities normally charge on a per person basis, and have a minimum guest requirement. Such locations include hotels, private clubs and restaurants.

Off-site locations offer the use of the facility only, providing no other services. You supply nearly everything yourself, paying a flat fee for the use of the site. The nice thing about off-site locations is the freedom to do everything your own way. Increasingly popular for outdoor receptions is the use of party tents. Tents offer the ideal solution for couples who want to hold their celebration in a natural setting, but would prefer not to have their guests wilting under the hot sun or melting under a drizzle. Amenities range from beautiful archways and parquet floors to air conditioning and emergency generators.

In your search for the ideal site, keep in mind the convenience and comfort of your guests. The traveling distance from the ceremony to reception should be no more than half an hour by car. Depending on the season in which you will wed, you might want to inquire about air conditioning or heating. Also check on available parking or valet service.

Space Issues
While it may seem obvious to say so, the venue you choose for your wedding must have enough space to accommodate all your guests. There should be enough room in the dining area to allow for comfortably arranged seating and a reasonable view of the newlyweds for everyone. There should also be enough space between tables for you to move around the room and mingle with your guests. The facility coordinator will know the maximum number of people who can fit in the space, as well as the best table arrangements for the number in attendance.

Privacy Issues
If your venue does multiple events, find out if there are other bookings at the same time or on the same day as yours. If so, ensure that there will be adequate privacy and separation for your celebration. There should also be ample time in between events to allow your caterer or other service people to set up or break down your party.

 Entertainment Issues
Whether you intend to have a DJ or a band, inquire about possible restrictions regarding the type, volume or duration of music. Be sure to confirm that there is an adequate power supply for speakers, mixers and amplifiers, or good acoustics for string and wind instruments. Some sites have built-in public-address systems which can be used for introductions and toasts. If your site of choice doesn’t offer this equipment, make sure your DJ or musicians can provide it.

First Impressions
Your guests will get their first impression of your reception as they enter the building. But first they have to be able to find it. Clear signage indicating the way to the reception or cocktail area is a must. Whether your party starts with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres outside on the terrace before moving indoors for the meal and dancing, or the entire celebration is held in one room, make sure there is adequate space to receive everyone and to serve your guests while they await your arrival. You don’t want a backlog at the entrance because the doorway is too narrow.

People Power
As with any event, there should be a designated person to keep the event running on schedule. This key person may be a wedding coordinator, your caterer or the facility manager. They’ll be responsible for timing of the cocktail hour, prompting your guests for the meal, cueing the musicians for the first dance, and coordinating with the emcee for the champagne toast, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss. If this person is affiliated with the facility, make sure you meet them and are comfortable with their style before you book.

Cost Considerations
Rates will vary significantly depending on the type of location, the number of guests to be accommodated and the time of year. Generally, the fee for a room rental is based on usage for a specific period of time, usually four to five hours. If you anticipate your reception running longer, confirm all additional charges. Typically, these charges will be based on half hour increments.
All of the details for your reception should be delineated in a contract signed by you and the facility’s representative. To secure your date, a 50 percent deposit is usually required with the balance due on the day of the event. You may want to check on the refund policy in the case of a cancellation.

Down to Details
As you’re find wedding locations that seem to suit your style, ask vendors about the following policies: catering, alcohol, bad weather, contingency plans, staffing availability, parking, decorating, deposits, refunds and insurance. Before signing the contract make sure you’re comfortable with the answers they give.

New wedding design trends to look for…

Receptions: 6 New Trends in Wedding Design 
Many of you may be too young to remember this, but there used to be a time when pretty much all wedding receptions used plain white linens. If it was a wedding, then you used white. Period. Of course today, it’s all about color, texture, layers and personal expression, and really, the options are endless. To spark some creative fire we’ve identified six new trends appearing now in wedding reception design.

#1 – Color my world: As mentioned above, color in weddings is huge. Any color family that appeals to you will offer a huge range of shades that are beautiful and current. In fact, there really isn’t any color that’s considered “out” – so the sky’s the limit! Love “blue”? That could mean midnight navy, Tiffany blue, pale ice blue, bright aqua, ocean blue… You get the idea – the list goes on! A few new colors worth pointing out are persimmon – a spicy, vibrant shade of orange; saffron – a rich, deep yellow; and butter – a warm, soft, golden-yellow.

#2 – Texture is hot :Texture in weddings – from bridal gowns to napkins – is huge. In linens, this can mean a crushed look, pintuck fabrics, damasks, or other tone-on-tone designs. It can also be expressed through layers, such as using sheer overlays on tables or table runners on buffet tables, and accessories such as beaded candlesticks.

#3 – Think metallic: As you may have noticed in the fashion world, metallic is sparkling hot these days! Mixed metals, matte metals and texturized metals are all very current looks that can be incorporated into your wedding reception design, through metallic fabrics, accessories or even the furniture.

#4 – Cool grey is hot, hot, hot: You’ll find that many of these trends are interrelated, such as grey, which can be expressed using metals such as silver, aluminum or nickel. Using a brushed aluminum planter for your centerpieces would actually incorporate three trends: texture, metallic and grey. A wide range of styles and shades of linens in grey tones is also a beautiful, trendy look, and can be accented with other colors such as black and/or white, any shade of red from blush pink to fire engine red, and so on. Experiment!

An inspiration board from http://www.marryyoume.com

#5 – Lace is back: In wedding gowns and now in wedding design, lace has made a big comeback after being missing in action for many years. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate a sense of tradition, history and romance into your wedding day. Table linens, especially, have appeared in a variety of tone-on-tone laces, and more colorful options as well. Incorporating a metallic lace over a solid color fabric is another new look.

#6 – Geometric designs offer a modern look
Looking for a clean, modern, streamlined wedding day look? If “no frou-frou” is for you, then consider applying some 1960s-style geometric design elements. If you’re feeling casual and funky then use lots of color with strong geometric designs – like white, bubblegum pink and chocolate brown; or black, white and lime green. If you want a more elegant, formal feel use tone-on-tone designs or a geometrically designed fabric like a pintuck.

A final thought
The best advice, really, is “don’t be a slave to trends!” Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and create your own unique wedding style. Of course, don’t underestimate the help, input and advice of wedding professionals who can make your dream a reality with minimum stress and maximum results. With their professional guidance and years of experience, your wedding day will be beautiful expression of your personal style.

4 Tips to a Beautiful Wedding Reception
#1 – Invest the time
Take the time to experiment, and really try things out before deciding on your overall wedding décor, table linens, etc. Some colors, fabrics and textures look completely different in different lighting, so how it looks in the bright fluorescent lights of the showroom is NOT how it will look in your dim, candlelit reception room.

#2 – Come prepared
When you meet with your wedding designer and/or linens provider, it’s most helpful and efficient if you come armed with as much detail as possible about your wedding, such as photos of your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ attire, any cake or floral information you have and so on. Also, if you have a specific color in mind, bring in an actual sample – verbal descriptions just don’t work!

#3 – Handle strong color with care
If you love a bright, vivid color but are concerned about it being “too much,” consider using it as an accent color in the room instead, such as in the napkins and chair ties. If it’s a small wedding, bright fuchsia table linens may work, but a grand ballroom filled with 40 hot pink tables may be a bit overwhelming.

#4 – Make your own unique color
By experimenting with different sheers placed over various colored fabrics, you may find your own unique combination that gives you the look you want. Ideally, do this in the same lighting that your reception will be in for an accurate vision!