Gorgeous Wedding Dress Touches

So you have found the perfect dress, but its just missing a little something? Why not try adding a beaded or colored belt to give it that extra pop that it needs? Belts add a lot to a gown, and with the right belt, it can take a simple dress and transform it into an amazing dress.


Belts are the perfect opportunity to call attention to your small waistline. When you add a belt, your waistline instantly looks smaller, and you look fabulous. Consider adding a belt if you don’t think you have a waistline present, (you really do) and you will automatically have one!

Belts come in various colors, and can compliment the dress really nicely. You can match your belt to the color of your wedding, or you can match it to the seasons. If you are having a December wedding, consider adding a red belt onto your wedding gown, to give a nod toward the season. This addition is always pretty on a gown.


Belts can be just a simple piece of ribbon, to an elaborate piece of fabric. They can also have elaborate beading on them, or just a minimal type of beading. With the sparkle belt, you are adding just that much more sparkle to your day, which you can treasure forever.

When ordering your wedding gown, ask if the belt is included, if not, you will have to order it separately. If you are ordering a belt separately, make sure you know how much the belt is going to cost. Depending on the style of the belt, you might find yourself spending more on that, than the dress.


Wedding Lace ~ On Trend This Year

Blame it on Princess Kate, but lace is here to stay! Designers have caught onto the lace bandwagon, and have attached lace to just about anything they can! Lace is timeless and classic, and can look elegant coming down the aisle. You can find lace in just about any aspect of your wedding, and of course your wedding gown too!

You can implement lace details in your bouquet, on your bridesmaids, your shoes, and even your tables. Lace table runners and table cloths are becoming very popular, so be on the lookout.


There are different types of lace, as well as different edging for the lace accents. Lace can be embellished with sequins, pearls or crystals, and will always look great. The most popular types of lace include: Chantilly, Alencon, and Spanish lace. There are many types of lace not listed, but equally as beautiful. In addition to the types of lace, you can also have lace appliqué which is applied to your gown, instead of a head to toe lace gown.

Remember when dressing in lace, you want a smaller pattern, it will always look beautiful on you! If you have a more prominent pattern, it might bring about some flaws that you want to camouflage.


Lace can come in different colors, but if you are using lace for your wedding gown, go for champagne, blush or black under the lace, as it will make the lace stand out a little more. The possibilities are endless.


Hair Adornments & Veil Choices

After searching for your wedding dress, there is only one more item that could possibly complete the bridal look- your headpiece! There are many different kinds, all of which can compliment the dress!

ivory bridal headpiece feather fascinator birdcage veil art deco wedding hair accessories - made to -f96663

You could choose a tiara, and look like a princess on your wedding day, complete with a stylish hairstyle, or you could get a fun and flirty comb. Combs can come with hair adornments such as crystals or feathers, all of which look great with wedding gowns.

Another great headpiece idea is to purchase a bridal cap. Bridal caps are very glamorous, and exude class. They only look good with the right  gown so keep this in mind while gown shopping, if you have your heart set on a bridal cap.

Fascinators can also be used, and have been wildly popular since Kate Middleton wed Prince William in 2011. Fascinators can range in price, and can be very intricate. They are very visually appealing, and can be the right addition to your bridal look!


When choosing your headpiece, keep in mind if it will look right with your wedding gown. Take a picture of your wedding gown along with you, or purchase it when you go gown shopping. Take your purchased headpiece along with you when going to your hair appointment so that your stylist can play with it in your hair!


Gown Preservation

After your whirlwind of a wedding day, you might be thinking now what do I do with my wedding dress? Your wedding dress is the most important garment you will ever wear, and you want to take the appropriate steps to preserve your wedding gown for future use. If you have a daughter, this could be the perfect item to pass down to her, or you could simply preserve it to look pretty! In addition, you might consider preserving your bouquet, a beautiful way to remember your day!

There are a couple ways to preserve your gown including sending it away for preservation by a local company. Most bridal boutiques will offer the service for a fee, and they might even send them out for you. In addition, you might consider preserving it for yourself, by framing it on a wall in your house. Although this might not be the norm, some brides are going to that extreme to preserve their memories. If you plan on having children, preserving your wedding gown is a sweet gesture that can be treasured for many years, and passed down.

gown-preservation1Another item that can be preserved from your wedding day is your bouquet. You probably put a lot of thought into what flowers you had in your bouquet, so preserving it is really the best option. Consider having your flowers professionally pressed in a frame for an interesting conversation piece to hang on your wall. Your flowers will look perfect forever! For a more three dimensional effect, consider having your bouquet professionally freeze dried and placed in a dome or shadow box. This will create a lasting memory for you.



Honoring Your Parents…

You might think it’s silly to thank your parents, but keep in mind all they have done for you. Whether it be for your wedding day, or beyond. Even though your parents might not have paid for the wedding, you can still find a small way to honor them on your wedding day.


Sometimes it might be easier to show appreciation to your mother because you might be wearing her wedding gown. This is a great way to show your mother how much you care about her. Another way to honor your mom is by having her join your father in walking you down the aisle. If you allow your mother to walk you down the aisle, you are literally being given away by the family, and not just by your father. A sweet way to honor your mother on your wedding day is to have her favorite flower in your wedding bouquet as well as wrapping your bouquet with a piece of lace from her gown. She will certainly feel the love from that!

Honoring your father is certainly an easy task, because he has one of the most important roles in the wedding. Giving you away. You might want to have a few private moments with your father before the ceremony itself, possibly with him seeing you first. Before anyone else, share that experience together. You also might want to honor him by stealing his pocket watch for the day and attaching it to your bouquet (then you won’t be late!) Honor your father by allowing him to walk you down the aisle, this will mean more to him than you really know. From the moment he knew that you were a girl, he dreamed of walking you down the aisle, and allowing a worthy man to take you as his bride.

Honoring your parents together can be as simple as giving a speech at the reception, telling them straight from the heart what you feel, and how much they really mean to you. You might want to present them with a gift of thanks, or have it delivered while you are on your honeymoon. Always remember to say thank you, it goes a long way.

A Most Important Job…

Amongst all the stress of planning your wedding day, you have two very important members of your bridal party just itching to sprint down the aisle. Keep in mind the flowergirl and ringbearers have a very important job in your wedding day: the keeper of the “rings” and to make way for the bride by use of flower petals.

This precious flower girl dress has a floor length skirt of lace and pleated organza ruffles. Many bridal gowns have the same features and now we’ve got the flower girl dress to match! As always, the ribbon sash can be ordered in a variety of colors. Swing by to take a closer look at it! Premier Bride's Perfcet Dress

This precious flower girl dress has a floor length skirt of lace and pleated organza ruffles. Many bridal gowns have the same features and now we’ve got the flower girl dress to match! As always, the ribbon sash can be ordered in a variety of colors. Swing by to take a closer look at it!

Your flower girl will no doubt be adorable, so consider her dressing the part. Try to find a mini dress to accompany yours, or have one made. It’s always adorable to see the bride and flowergirl in their matching attire. You might consider giving her an unconventional bag instead of the basket that is a more traditonal option.

The ringbearer always looks daper in his mini tuxedo, just make sure he matches the groom to a tee. If the groom has suspenders, have the ringbearer get them too. A little fedora hat also goes a long way. You can certainly still use a pillow with fake rings, but consider something a little more updated like the ringbearer carrying a sign saying “Here comes the bride!” This is really sweet and can be used for great pictures.

 We have so much fun when the adorable Flower Girl dresses start to arrive. They’re just so cute! This is a new arrival from Jordan, shown in White and Light Pink. It has a satin bodice with a keyhole back and satin waistband. The tulle tutu skirt also has contrasting accents along the edge. This dress is available in any combination of 2 of the 75 colors Jordan offers. Lots of options with this one! http://www.fresnobridalsalon.com/

We have so much fun when the adorable Flower Girl dresses start to arrive. They’re just so cute! This is a new arrival from Jordan, shown in White and Light Pink. It has a satin bodice with a keyhole back and satin waistband. The tulle tutu skirt also has contrasting accents along the edge. This dress is available in any combination of 2 of the 75 colors Jordan offers. Lots of options with this one! http://www.fresnobridalsalon.com/

Your guests want to see the adorable ringbearer and flowergirls antics, so be ready for the comedy hour. Make sure that you put their parents in strategic places in the seating, so that if they do get a little rowdy, they can get them quickly.


Is a Trunk Show the Same as a Sample Sale?

-1Every bride to be knows the benefits of a wedding dress sample sale – gorgeous designer wedding dresses, at fantastic – they won’t last long – prices.  You’ve got to be quick to snag a sample sale deal, because these sales pop up quickly and the gowns are first come first serve.

Our sample sale is a great way to get a gorgeous gowns at a steal (some of the gowns are up to 80% off) and shoes & jewelry is also available.

Most bridal gowns are a bridal size 10 (which is close to a size 6 or 8 in street clothing sizes), but some are a bit bigger or smaller so check out what we have. Happy Shopping!

*All items sold off the floor are AS IS and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

So, what is the difference between a Trunk Show and a Sample Sale?

AWhile both events provide an opportunity to nab that perfect wedding dress, a trunk show isn’t the same as a sample sale. A trunk show is similar to a fashion show, where the designer brings his or her latest collection to a special event. Brides can often book a personal consultation with the designer, and if you buy the day of the show, you can get a small discount (usually 10 percent). Your dress is then made-to-order and arrives brand-new.

On the other hand, a sample sale features drastically reduced prices, with discounts up to 75 percent off. There are many gowns to choose from, and you can often find a couture designer dress that’s within your budget. These selections are usually the display ones that brides have tried on in retail stores or that have been worn in fashion shows. Thus, the sizes are limited and the styles may have been discontinued. Sample sales can also be crowded because of the large number of brides eager to find their dream dress at the right price. If you do find your ideal gown, be sure to inspect it for any imperfections. Dresses are sold “off the rack,” and you won’t be able to return it if you find any tears or marks later on. If you see a minor imperfection that you think can be fixed, remember to factor in the added cost to the total price tag.



Wrap them in luxury.
A really plush gift idea for your bridal party – have monogrammed robes made.

Quote your parents.
Your parents will most likely invest some of their life-savings in your big day.  Acknowledge their generosity with a personalized gift in return.  Find an eloquent quote about parenting or the relationships between fathers/mothers, sons/daughters,and have it engraved on a special plague.

Rock on!
Polished stones carry special meaning.  Find a local boutique that sells “love rocks,” and give one to each of your guests.

Photo opportunity.
Consider making photo books with old photos of you and your friends.  Spend some time thinking of all the things you’ve been through and give these cherished, personalized gifts to your maid of honor and best man.

Picture your friends.
When making a video that will be shown at the wedding, include photos of family and friends – not just of the bride and groom.  Your guests will be pleased that you thought of them.

The write stuff.
The thank-you cards are more meaningful than your invitation!  Yes – by acknowledging guests with hand-written, personalized notes, you are saying that it mattered that they came to your wedding and/or sent a gift.  Spend more time on this end of things and the time invested will return with gracious measure.

Refresh your guests.
If you have out-of-town guests who are staying at nearby hotels, acknowledge them by arranging to have a refreshment package, along with a personalized note from you, in their room!

Welcome wagon.
Wedding sheets are an extravagant keepsake.  When approached by family or a close friend, ask them to consider this as a meaningful gift, and ask them to have a set of luxurious sheets monogrammed or embroidered with your initials.

Dance the night away.
If your mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandfather, friend, et al, said something insightful, write it down.  As an extra special and meaningful touch, pull together a small book of personalized quotes and give this to them on your big day.

Bubble heads.
Use the buddy system for out-of-town guests. Try to assign a friendly, outgoing family member or close friend to any out-of-town guests, to act as their ‘ambassador’ for the wedding weekend. The ambassadors can greet guests at the airport, take them to the hotel, and suggest things to do. This makes out-of-towners feel welcome.


1. Before you begin the registry process have a heart to heart with your fiancé. Discuss your tastes, style, priorities, and your vision of your future home. Also be sure to take into account what items you already have as a couple.  Your selections will be easier and more focused when you have a game plan and you are working towards common goals!

2. The key is timing. Make sure to register BEFORE the first bridal celebration but not early enough that some of your items may become discontinued. Also take into consideration the fact that some items are seasonal and may not be available when your guests are making their purchases.

3. You know not to go to the grocery store hungry, so don’t rush the registry process and try to accomplish this in one day.
Allow yourselves plenty of time to make good decisions. You can always add to the list later.  Instead take your time and consider all your options before completing.

4. If you already have most of the everyday ware, think of registering at specialty stores – art galleries, hardware or luggage stores, sporting good stores, or even travel agencies!

5. Although it is usually considered impolite to ask guests to buy gifts at certain locations, putting your registry information on your wedding website is perfectly acceptable and in this day and age, probably one of the most effective and polite
ways to aim people in the right direction.

6. The individual throwing your shower can certainly make it “themed” based. If you and your hubby to be love to do outdoor entertaining, the shower and gifts can be based around this theme. Or perhaps you really enjoy cooking and need kitchen items, why not a Recipe/Kitchen based shower. Theme showers can be fun and practical!

8. Word of mouth. No matter what, people are going to ask for your closest friends and family’s input into what would be best to get you, so just make sure they are well informed.

9. Mix it up! Make sure you register for gifts in all different price points so that your guests can choose gifts within their budget.

10. Keep your registry up to date. Many stores offer a computerized system that will allow you to look at your registry and make sure purchased items have been removed. It will also allow you to add items as you choose.

11. Make sure you register as a couple. You will want gifts that you both enjoy! You may want to assign categories in advance. You can make the china choices and he can choose when it comes to the kitchen gadgets.

12. Don’t worry about matching your tableware exactly. It’s actually stylish to mix several patterns in the same place setting to personalize your table.  Think about choosing 6 settings from one style and 6 from another style. It will be fun to have options and have the ability to mix and match!

13. In this case more is better. Make sure you “over-register.” This will insure that your guest have many options.
They will appreciate this!

14. Choose your stores wisely! Make sure that your registry offers you and your guests what you need. Online abilities?
Shipping abilities? Hassle-free?  Figure out what is important to you and your guests and make sure that the stores
you choose meets these needs.

15. Do NOT underestimate the power of a thank you. Make them personal and make them timely.

The First Impression…Part 3

Addressing advice
The outer envelope should have a return address included on the back flap, and it’s probably well worth this small extra cost to have this done by the printer, so you don’t have to write the return address on every single invite you send! For the names and addresses of your guests, you can hand-write them, run the envelopes through your printer using a calligraphic font, or for a very beautiful and special touch, hire a calligrapher. One bride-to-be actually framed the envelope with her name and address on it that she received for another friend’s wedding, because the calligraphy was such an incredible and gorgeous work of art. What a visual treat for the guests of that wedding! Ideally, try to avoid labels, even clear ones, because they just don’t convey the sense of “specialness” and elegance that something as special as a wedding deserves.

Photo by wordsandeggs.squarespace.com

The following guidelines provide the traditional “rules” when addressing wedding invites that do help convey that sense of specialness and elegance. Street names, cities and states should be written out completely without any abbreviations. To indicate both parties of a married couple, use both “Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Green.” When addressing an unmarried couple living together, use each of their full names: “Mr. Ronald Green and Miss Angela Thomson.” If every member of a family is invited, write “Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Green and Family.” If only the older children are included, their names are written below the parents’: “Miss Erin Green.” Adult children no longer living with their parents should receive their own invite.
Addressing children this way should let guests know if children are invited or not, but often this is unknown or overlooked by guests. If you’d rather not have children at your wedding, you could also include on the invite “Adult Reception.” And, you may just want to let certain guests know this as well when you talk to them in person.
A final, critical tip
When you’ve fully assembled your invites, take one to the post office, and have them weigh it, assess it and give you a definitive postage due amount. It may weigh more than one ounce, or be an odd size (such as square) that costs extra, and the last thing you want is 100 wedding invites coming back to you marked “insufficient postage!” So make that extra trip to the post office to be absolutely sure, mail them out, and take a deep breath. The wedding is officially underway!