Fresh Color Trends for Weddings

Choosing your wedding colors can certainly be a task within itself because you will be looking at them for the rest of your life. Your wedding pictures will be on the walls, in your photo albums, and even on your social media outlets. For inspiration we have compiled a guide to the hottest wedding colors!


Go Nautical: This season its all about the nautical spirit. Infuse your color palette with the nautical theme by incorporating navy and white touches everywhere. From fashion to the tablecloths, you can find navy and white details to make your reception extra special!

Metallics: Metallics can be found throughout fashion and your accessories and can be incredible when decorating for your wedding. You can mix and match gold and silver metallic colors and add a splash of color like magenta or plum for an unexpected twist.

Navy, Navy, Navy: This season is all about navy. Navy is the new black, and can look great with almost any color. This season pair navy and magenta together for a fresh take on color, instead of magenta and black. Navy and orange make a great color combo, and navy looks great with just about anyone.

Orange: Pantone Inc., the color authority, named Tangerine Tango the color of the year for 2012, and it is everywhere. Infuse orange into your wedding for a fresh pop of color that will brighten your day!

large_imageMint Green: Mint green is a very popular color this season from fashion to shoes and everywhere in between. Pair mint green with pastels such as a blush pink and ivory for a soft look, or even navy for an excellent contrast.

Other color trends include adding yellow for an added pop of color into your wedding colors as well as emerald and Kelly green. Cool grays and khaki colors are always a compliment to your wedding palette.


Honoring Your Parents…

You might think it’s silly to thank your parents, but keep in mind all they have done for you. Whether it be for your wedding day, or beyond. Even though your parents might not have paid for the wedding, you can still find a small way to honor them on your wedding day.


Sometimes it might be easier to show appreciation to your mother because you might be wearing her wedding gown. This is a great way to show your mother how much you care about her. Another way to honor your mom is by having her join your father in walking you down the aisle. If you allow your mother to walk you down the aisle, you are literally being given away by the family, and not just by your father. A sweet way to honor your mother on your wedding day is to have her favorite flower in your wedding bouquet as well as wrapping your bouquet with a piece of lace from her gown. She will certainly feel the love from that!

Honoring your father is certainly an easy task, because he has one of the most important roles in the wedding. Giving you away. You might want to have a few private moments with your father before the ceremony itself, possibly with him seeing you first. Before anyone else, share that experience together. You also might want to honor him by stealing his pocket watch for the day and attaching it to your bouquet (then you won’t be late!) Honor your father by allowing him to walk you down the aisle, this will mean more to him than you really know. From the moment he knew that you were a girl, he dreamed of walking you down the aisle, and allowing a worthy man to take you as his bride.

Honoring your parents together can be as simple as giving a speech at the reception, telling them straight from the heart what you feel, and how much they really mean to you. You might want to present them with a gift of thanks, or have it delivered while you are on your honeymoon. Always remember to say thank you, it goes a long way.

Writing Personal & Meaningful Wedding Vows

Some couples decide to make write their own wedding vows and include personal little details about why they love their partner. This is an intimate and very personal way to let your partner know just how much you love them, while making the ultimate vow to spend the rest of your life together.


When composing your personal vows, think of simple sentences instead of complicated sentences with too many words. When writing your vows, opt to write them separately because it will come as a surprise on the big day. Decide on a concrete structure and make sure that you keep the same phrasing like “I promise, I will or I vow.” Some couples opt to have the end of their vows the same, but this is not necessary.

Think of the little things about your partner that you love, the little things are what make a relationship special and this small detail will make your vows perfect. Promise to work on your flaws in front of your guests, whether it be constant eye rolling or lack of communication in conflict, own up to your flaw, and be accountable, you will seem like a real person, not always perfect (even though we know you are!


Start early, as with all wedding planning, and make sure you get the go ahead from your officiant to have written vows.

When looking for inspiration, borrow words from a favorite movie, or song, even a poem. Anything that makes you think of your partner and how much you love him will do! Check out popular poem websites, or even movie scripts to gain even more inspiration. Visit the bookstore, or library to look at some vow writing books.

Do you have a favorite spot like a restaurant, or movie theater? Write your vows on a take out menu, or even the back of a ticket stub! You can supplement a piece of paper on the back, if there isn’t room! If you include your favorite spot on your wedding day, your partner will know that you had plenty of thought when you actually sat down and wrote your vows.

Lastly, if you decide to write your own vows on paper, make sure that you write legibly, otherwise you won’t be able to read them. If all else fails, type them out, and keep them. This is something you want to treasure forever.


Stunning Aisle Decor

You want to walk down your aisle in style right? You probably have bought your perfect wedding dress, got the show stopping shoes, and have outfitted the groom accordingly. The only thing left for the ceremony is to get that aisle looking absolutely perfect.


The traditional aisle runner is still a very popular option. Tradition states, that when your flower girltraipsesdown the aisle, she tosses flower petals on her way. While this is still a perfectly acceptable option, more updated and modern approaches to this custom have been adapted.

Have you seen the picture of the aisle that is laden with flower petals in a specific design, breathtaking right? How does someone manipulate the petals in that order? Incredible.

You want to create an ambiance so that when your guests enter, they feel as if they have stepped into your wedding day. When you have a similar design for the ceremony and the reception, you will create a sense of continuity that will look great.

Consider your aisle like your runway and illuminate it. Have luminaries available or even mini spotlights at the ready for your big debut. When you walk down that aisle, it is the last time you will be an engaged woman. When you come back, you will be a married woman.


Aisle runners can come in all shapes and sizes and are just another part of the ceremony that is screaming for your personality. Consider a custom monogram on your runner or even a printed runner, like a floral design or a famous painting that you as a couple like.

Another popular idea for decorating your aisle is to have a custom runner made with either your love story, or even your wedding song. This could function after the wedding as a perfect piece of art in your house.

When decorating your aisle, don’t forget yourchairs, they need love too! Consider chair covers in gorgeous fabrics, or even small adornments to make your ceremony special.




Maybe you are the couple that has just gotten engaged, and he decided to propose via flash mob, or maybe you both have an affinity to make people laugh and have a great time! Either way, choreography is the way to go.

Consider that very popular dance that was viral a couple of years ago, when the couple danced down the aisle before their wedding. This is so unexpected and fun, that it lightened the mood, and made the anticipation that much more entertaining.

The choreographed first dance is becoming increasingly popular with couples because they want to have fun, and do something different. Couples are now doing a nice slow dance for the beginning of the song, and then it suddenly stops, making it the dance song. This gets the attention of the crowd, while the couple is having a lot of fun at the same time.

Doing a choreographed first dance is a lot of fun, and can also be a lot of work. Budget at least two to three weeks before your wedding for rehearsals, and practice often. Pick unexpected music and have fun!


Boudoir Photography

For the most part, the wedding planning process is done by the bride, and for the bride. The wedding ceremony and reception is built around the brides specifications, and the groom really doesn’t have a say in what goes on. Most brides don’t allow their future husbands to take part in helping plan the wedding, while others are begging for help. This can create a divide in the relationship, and some brides are taking notice.


A recent trend in photography has men’s eyes wide open due to the new boudoir style photography. Brides are feeling the need to do a little something for their future husbands or new husbands, so they are making a “For His Eyes Only” photo shoot. Some brides feel like this is a “thank you” photo shoot that will make up for the months or year long crazy person they have had to deal with.

The boudoir pictures can be taken in the comfort of your own home, or at a studio, whichever you prefer. Most of the time, the bride will be clothed, but not all the way. The bride has probably bought special lingerie to wear on her wedding, or just bought it for the shoot.

Most brides have the pictures presented to the groom on the wedding day, sort of like a, “look what you get later”story for the groom.

This boudoir style of photography is becoming increasingly popular, and is here to stay!


Catering Planner

The success of your wedding will depend largely on the skill of your caterer. A full-service caterer will provide the food, experienced servers, linens, chair covers, china, glassware, silverware and serving dishes. Find a caterer who will guide you in your menu planning, listen to your ideas, and make innovative suggestions. Aided by your caterer’s creativity and professionalism, you can host a truly delightful and memorable affair.

A Most Important Job…

Amongst all the stress of planning your wedding day, you have two very important members of your bridal party just itching to sprint down the aisle. Keep in mind the flowergirl and ringbearers have a very important job in your wedding day: the keeper of the “rings” and to make way for the bride by use of flower petals.

This precious flower girl dress has a floor length skirt of lace and pleated organza ruffles. Many bridal gowns have the same features and now we’ve got the flower girl dress to match! As always, the ribbon sash can be ordered in a variety of colors. Swing by to take a closer look at it! Premier Bride's Perfcet Dress

This precious flower girl dress has a floor length skirt of lace and pleated organza ruffles. Many bridal gowns have the same features and now we’ve got the flower girl dress to match! As always, the ribbon sash can be ordered in a variety of colors. Swing by to take a closer look at it!

Your flower girl will no doubt be adorable, so consider her dressing the part. Try to find a mini dress to accompany yours, or have one made. It’s always adorable to see the bride and flowergirl in their matching attire. You might consider giving her an unconventional bag instead of the basket that is a more traditonal option.

The ringbearer always looks daper in his mini tuxedo, just make sure he matches the groom to a tee. If the groom has suspenders, have the ringbearer get them too. A little fedora hat also goes a long way. You can certainly still use a pillow with fake rings, but consider something a little more updated like the ringbearer carrying a sign saying “Here comes the bride!” This is really sweet and can be used for great pictures.

 We have so much fun when the adorable Flower Girl dresses start to arrive. They’re just so cute! This is a new arrival from Jordan, shown in White and Light Pink. It has a satin bodice with a keyhole back and satin waistband. The tulle tutu skirt also has contrasting accents along the edge. This dress is available in any combination of 2 of the 75 colors Jordan offers. Lots of options with this one!

We have so much fun when the adorable Flower Girl dresses start to arrive. They’re just so cute! This is a new arrival from Jordan, shown in White and Light Pink. It has a satin bodice with a keyhole back and satin waistband. The tulle tutu skirt also has contrasting accents along the edge. This dress is available in any combination of 2 of the 75 colors Jordan offers. Lots of options with this one!

Your guests want to see the adorable ringbearer and flowergirls antics, so be ready for the comedy hour. Make sure that you put their parents in strategic places in the seating, so that if they do get a little rowdy, they can get them quickly.


There’s an App for That!

With the excitement and thrill of becoming engaged comes another monstrous task. Now the planning begins!

Finding what you love and the style you desire won’t necessarily be an issue. (Check out our Pinterest board HERE for inspiration! ] Organizing everything though, well…let’s just say that part can become overwhelming.

So, to make the planning process even easier, we present some handy apps to help you create your own wedding website, track your budget and scan items to your registry. Let us just say, we LOVE technology!  Anyway, here you go…happy planning!

Wedding App

Happy Couple: This app is meant to replace your wedding website for the bride who is fast moving and needs things done quick! This app includes a run down on your story, as well as news, events, photo gallery and even a registry tab!

Vera Wang on Weddings: The most influential wedding gown designer has her own app, in which she helps you plan your wedding, depending on what type of style you are going for. A countdown is also built into the app to keep you on track of what you need to get done, and what you have accomplished. The app even keeps track of your invitation list!

Our Wedding App: This app is designed for information about your wedding, complete with a camera that your guests can use to take pictures and instantly send them to you. The pictures can be instantly streamed into your wedding venue if you choose to do so. The app also includes directions to the ceremony, reception, and you can send the couple a message. You can also find hotel and transportation information in this handy app.

Wedding Budget: This app is the perfect visual aid to help you plan your wedding without stressing! You simply input your wedding budget into the app, and let it do the magic. This app will keep track of payments made to the vendors, and let you know when the next payment is due.

Wedding Scan: With the use of your barcode scanner function on your smart phone, this app allows you to scan virtually any item and add it to your registry. This is a perfect app for any couple that likes to shop around and look at the items before putting them on the list.

Fun Wedding: Having trouble thinking of the perfect song list for your reception? Have no fear, this app is designed to make picking songs fun and easy. Samples are on this app as well as genres that you can listen to, so you can pick your music accordingly.

Some other free and helpful wedding planning apps are Wedding Genius, Wedding Planning Complete, and Wedding Budget.  Do a quick search of your own and see what apps will work for you; with so many to choose from, every bride can stay organized.

Premier Bride Showplace Tips

You may find that the more time you can save in planning your wedding, the better. Our bridal show can be the one stop shopping experience you need to plan your entire wedding, especially if you go prepared. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Premier Bride Showplace:


  • Plan In Advance – Make a list of what you will need most and what your budget will allow for each item and service. Be sure to leave some room for the unexpected – you never know when you may see something you’ll want to have that you never thought of.
  • Be Ready To Make Decisions – Bring the major decision-makers to Premier Bride Showplace with you. If you are the major decision-maker, bring someone with you that you can bounce ideas off of. Be ready to book your favorite vendors there at the show. Some exhibitors may even offer day-of-show booking discounts.
  • Dress For The Occasion – Remember to wear comfortable shoes. Need we explain more on this one?
  • Fashion Forward – Bring a notepad with you to jot down any dresses or tuxes you like during the fashion show. It will be much easier for you to remember which Bridal Salon featured the gowns you like. You’ll also want to be able to take notes when attending the seminars.
  • Above all, have fun! Bridal shows may be useful and informative, but they’re also a blast. You’ll have a great time with your family and friends – planning your perfect day!