TREND REPORT: Fun Engagement Pictures

TREND REPORT: Fun Engagement Pictures



A new trend in photography is engagement pictures or an e-session. An engagement session is typically held by couples who want to get some professional pictures done before the wedding. Having an e-session is advantageous in many ways. You can meet and get a feel for each photographer before the engagement, wedding, or even bridal portraits. Talk to your friends and see who they might recommend for your engagement and bridal portraits, they might just know someone they’ve used in the past. After all, nothing is better than personal experience!

HAVE FUN: Recently, some popular engagement shots is of couples holding balloons. You could do the traditional “stand against a wall” picture, but who wants the same pictures as everyone else? One of the most original pictures Premier Bride has seen was of a couple that had cut out their date and acted like it was literally falling off of a bridge! This picture was used as the couples save the date, which meant that they literally “saved-the-date.”

YOU AS A COUPLE: If you have a certain game that you play like Monopoly or Scrabble, play those games and capture the fun of winning and the sting of defeat in your pictures. This will create a relatable and memorable picture that you can treasure for years to come. Do you as a couple like to go to the movies? Head to the theater and let your photographer tag along! Get pictures taken while waiting in line for tickets and popcorn, even sitting in the seats. These everyday shots will look great too!

HAVE A FAVORITE MOVIE?: Your favorite might be “The Notebook” or “The Dark Knight,” it doesn’t really matter- just dress up and have fun. A gorgeous engagement session inspired by your favorite movie might be just the ticket to getting some incredible shots. If you search on the internet, you might be able to find some engagement sessions to spark your interest.

SNAP SOME PORTRAITS TOO: You are already paying for pictures, why not take advantage of some pretty shots of you too! The lighting is good and you are already dressed up, might as well benefit from the opportunity!

CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES: Take some extra clothes along with you to your shoot and change it up! When you change your clothing you are add more interest to the shoot. It will be that much more fun to look back on your memorable engagement session years down the road.


Featured Vendor – Fresno Photographer Mark Janzen

Wedding Info

Fresno Photographer Mark Janzen, Fresno Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography


“It’s probably not the most manly thing to admit, but I get all kinds of excited when I have a wedding to photograph.  On your wedding day, it’s like I’m on a swivel trying to grab every little bit of it that I can fit onto those tiny little memory cards loaded in my cameras.  And when it’s all said and done, and you’re on your honeymoon, and I’m here sitting at my computer going through all those memories, little and big, there’s always that moment when I realize that I have a big old, stupid grin on my face, that I know I did right.

I’m looking forward to looking at the images from your wedding with that big stupid grin on my face and watching your faces light up as you relieve that amazing day through my photographs.”

– Mark Janzen

We want you!  How do we book you?

Call me or email me! Of course we’ll need to check your wedding date to ensure I’m available, so don’t wait to get in touch. Wedding dates start to fill up as far as 18 months in advance. To hold your date, you will need to select one of my Wedding Photography Collections, sign the contract, and pay a $1500 booking fee that is applied towards your final balance.

How much does it cost?

Well, that ultimately depends a lot on what you choose in terms of coverage, albums, etc. Unfortunately, this is a complicated question that’s really difficult to fully cover with words and pictures on the internet. I encourage anyone who may be interested to come in for a consultation so you can see and touch the finished product. At your consultation we can go over the different pricing options in greater detail. To determine if we’re your budget ballpark, I have a basic collection for shorter wedding coverage that runs $3450 for 6 hours of coverage plus the digital files from your wedding day*. All other collections include full day coverage (typically 10-12 hours), an album, digital files from the wedding day, and a flexible studio credit to apply towards album upgrades, prints, etc. These full collections start at $4950.

I also have an exceptionally talented associate photographer, Craig Kohlruss, working out of the studio. His rates are a little lower starting at $2450 for basic coverage and digital files while collections including an album start at $3450. Craig’s pricing is hourly based with larger collections including more time. His booking fee is slightly lower as well at $1200.

*This collection is only available in the Fresno, Visalia, and Modesto areas.

Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Engagement sessions are offered on a complimentary basis, upon request, with any wedding booking. Please note that this session is typically shot in an area local to Fresno, CA. For couples living, and getting married in, the Bay Area, I will come to you for your session.

Will you travel out of town?  What is your travel fee?

Absolutely I will travel!  I’ve shot weddings all over California, Nevada, and one special trip to the Air Force Academy in Colorado.  I’m game to go wherever you want me.  For weddings in the Bay Area, Central Valley, the Central Coast, and Tahoe there is no additional travel fee when you book me (Mark) as your photographer. If your wedding is outside of these areas, travel fees are calculated on a case by case basis depending on air-fare, accommodations, rental car, etc. Travel fees for collections with Craig as your photographer are handled on an individual basis, but in general there are no fees for weddings in the greater Fresno area and Yosemite.

Do you shoot alone, or do you have a 2nd photographer?

As a general rule I shoot alone, and all the work you see here on this site is my own.  I’m firmly committed to shooting your wedding in the way that it naturally unfolds and at the highest quality level possible. I believe that by shooting alone, it allows your day to unfold in a more natural manner. It’s far easier for you and your friends and family to ignore and act naturally around one photographer than an entire team of them roaming around. This does mean that I must also commit myself to working harder, to cover your wedding from many different angles and vantage points, but I believe the results are well worth it.

When will I see my images?

My typical turnaround time on a wedding is about 4 weeks.  My goal is always to finish as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of quality.

How many pictures do you take?

A lot!  And then I edit them down to the very best.  I do eliminate the blinks, the flash mis-fires, the worst of the awkward expressions (don’t worry I will leave the funny ones in), and the shots where someone walked in front of me as I clicked the shutter.  Many times you will also hear me shoot 3 shots in rapid succession – I will pull the best of the three to keep.  How many will I deliver is the better question and that typically lands anywhere from around 300 to as many as 800 depending on how long my coverage is and how much prep and reception coverage there is.

Do you provide the digital files, the “disk”?

All of my wedding collections include the high-resolution, color-corrected digital files from your wedding day.  I also provide a release granting you permission to make all the prints your heart desires.  Files from your engagement session are available for purchase after the session.




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A Picture Perfect Day

It may be hard to imagine now, but after many months of hard work and detailed planning, your wedding day will suddenly arrive… and zooooom! The hours will fly by in a blur of beautiful, moving, memorable moments. And after the cake has been eaten, the dress has been carefully put away, and the gifts have been opened – you and your new spouse will be left with the most precious gift of all: memories of your special day. There is simply no better way to capture and preserve these memories than with a collection of beautiful photographs that not only document the day and its events, but also embody the emotions and spirit of your wedding. Quite frankly, this is simply nota component of your wedding planning to treat lightly! Invest the time, attention and budget necessary to ensure that your wedding memories will be preserved for the future.
What’s your style?
Start by determining which style of wedding photography is right for you and your fiancé. Here are brief descriptions of the three main styles.

Photography by Mark Janzen Photography

Formal or traditional. This style produces color, posed portraits of you and your groom, your wedding party, and your families, along with all of the traditional wedding moments such as the cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss.
Photojournalistic. This style is a popular trend in wedding photography, and it means your photographer will be shooting your wedding as if it’s a news event, capturing hundreds of candid moments on film. These photographers tend to use more black & white film, for a classic, timeless and emotional effect.

Artistic. Artistic photographers use a variety of special effects to create a dramatic, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Effects could include double exposures, hand tinting, special borders and much more.
Most photographers offer a blend of two or more styles, but tend to specialize in, and focus on, just one. If you like the photojournalistic style, but want some posed formal portraits to showcase your families or the day’s special moments, find a photographer that can comfortably do both.

So which style is right for you? The first step is to think about the end product: what is most important to you, to have after your wedding? Do you definitely want to have beautiful, timeless, color portraits of you and your groom that you can elegantly frame and display? Do you want a large number of candid, heartfelt moments – many captured in black & white, to document your day? Are you envisioning a one-of-a-kind, artistic piece to hang on your wall after the wedding that incorporates one or more images from the big event?
To help you, take a look at friends’ wedding albums, surf around professional photographer’s web sites, clip photos from magazines of photography that moves you, and spend some time in photographers’ booths at wedding shows. All of this research will help you zero in on what style of photography you seem drawn to, and ultimately, which one you want to use for your wedding.

How to find the right photographer.
Once you’ve established the style that is best for you, it’s time to find a professional photographer that meets your needs. Start the process by collecting referrals from friends, reviewing helpful resources like Premier Bride, attending bridal shows and surfing the Internet. Create a short list of potential photographers that specialize in the style you desire, based on their work and your budget, and set up an in-person or phone consultation with them.
Your goal at this consultation is to evaluate three main areas:

  1. Do you like their work? Be sure to see complete wedding albums along with individual photos, to get the best idea of the end product you can expect to receive. Also, be very sure that you know exactly WHO will be shooting YOUR wedding – and view their work, as some larger studios have more than one photographer.
  2. Do your personalities mesh? Of all your wedding vendors, the photographer is the one vendor with whom you will spend a good deal of time on your wedding day. You want to feel comfortable with this person! Even if he or she is a great photographer, if your personalities just don’t ‘click’ – you may want to keep looking.
  3. Do they fit your budget? It’s so critical to have a budget amount in mind before looking for a photographer, so that you can feel confident that the one you’ve decided on, and love, also meets your financial requirements.

The different parts of a photography package.
As you’re selecting your photographer, it may help to be aware of the various elements generally included in wedding photography packages. Most photographers also offer these elements ‘a la carte,’ or can create a custom package that specifically meets your needs – so be sure to ask.

Bride & Groom’s Album. There are a wide variety of wedding albums available today, and they vary in size, color, material, construction and price. When comparing different photographers’ bride & groom albums, be sure you’re noting the quantity of photos and in what sizes, to make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples.”

Parents’ albums. The parents’ albums are smaller versions of the bride & groom album, and have traditionally included about twenty 5×7 photographs. Photos should be carefully selected for each family, to create two (or more) custom family albums.

Extra prints. You will probably want to order extra photographs in addition to the main album and parents’ albums, for yourself or your parents to have some framed portraits at home, for members of the wedding party, and for other close friends and family members. Don’t underestimate how many prints you will want after the wedding, as this will definitely impact your budget.
Proofs. Ask your photographer how many proofs you will get, and in what format. They may be provided as small photos, in digital format, on the Internet, or on contact sheets.

Engagement photograph. This is a posed portrait of the newly engaged couple, which can be sent to newspapers with information announcing your engagement. You may also choose to put a framed engagement photo by the guest book at your reception.