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From the formal wedding to the back yard party and everything in between, we have the experience and expertise to make your special event one that you will be talking about for years to come.

With a staff of ten disc jockeys, and six videographers along with office and support personnel, we are involved in over 400 events each year.

Party DJ Party services the entire state of California with our professional disc jockey and custom video services.

Our DJ Services

Party “DJ” Party offers the following DJ services for your event. Contact us today to discuss your event and available pricing.

  • State-of-the-art Sound equipment
    Our 2 speaker, high-quality sound system is standard, however, we can supply up to 20 speakers upon request including massive sub-woofers. Our set up is guaranteed to provide the best possible sound. Wireless microphone (included with weddings) also available.
  • All genres and styles of music available
    Songs from the 1920’s to hits of today, we keep up to date on music that will fit your event and age group.
  • Karaoke
    A karaoke system is now available for your event at an additional charge. Call today to discuss details!
  • Master Of Ceremony duties
    “Put your party in our hands” – Sit back and enjoy the party, while we MC your event.
  • Dance Lighting
    Flashing, multi-colored lights that create a dancing atmosphere to keep your party going and guests motivated.
  • Free Consultation prior to your event
    Meet with us at your convenience to plan all the details, from announcing duties to your choice of musical selection

Our Video Services – Shooting Both Standard and High-Definition

  • Legacy Package
    The ultimate video keepsake of your wedding experience! A 3-man, professional video crew will capture your entire wedding day activities. Includes the following:
    2 hours of rehearsal night coverage (1 camera)
    Up to 10 Hours of filming on wedding day!
    Storybook Montage/ Fairytale Love Story – plus live ceremony footage
    (Presented on LCD projector and screen at reception)
    Video Guestbook
    After-Wedding Montage of honeymoon photos or other candid shots. (Up to 60 images-2songs)
  • Reflections Package
    Our most popular video package. A 2-man professional video crew will capture your wedding day activites.
    Includes the following:
    Up to 8 hours of filming on your wedding day
    Storybook Montage/Fairytale Love Story
    (Presented on LCD projector and screen at reception)
    Video Guestbook
    After Wedding Montage of honeymoon photos or other candid shots. (Up to 60 images-2 songs)
  • Memories Package
    Similar to our popular Reflections Package minus the Montage/Love Story. A 2-man professional video crew will capture your wedding day activites.
    Includes the following:
    Up to 7 hours of filming on your wedding day.
    Video Guestbook
    After Wedding Montage of honeymoon photos or other candid shots. (Up to 60 images-2 songs)
  • Beginnings Package
    A basic video package for those desiring a professionally filmed wedding day souvenir. Up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage filmed with one camera.
  • Storybook Montage
    Photo montage of bride and groom presented during reception
    (Includes LCD projector and screen)
    Client provides up to 100 photos and 3 songs

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Videography Planner

Videography Planner

Nothing quite captures the real essence of your wedding day – the sights, sounds and energy – better than a well-done, high quality video. You’ll be able to revisit this important day in your life long after it’s over, and share it with children, grandchildren or other special people in the future. The most important element when searching for a videographer is a comprehensive sample of their wedding work. Ask to see a recent, completed video from a wedding – not just a highlights tape – so that you know exactly what you would receive from them, should you hire them. Consider the quality of the picture, the sound and the editing. A bad, poor quality video is a waste of money, but a good, high quality video is priceless.

Fresno Videographers:

Questions To Ask
• Can I see samples of your work?
• How long have you been a professional wedding videographer? How many weddings have you done?
• What packages do you offer? What do they include?
• Are you able to accommodate any restrictions with lights and tripods at the ceremony location?
• Can I keep the raw, unedited footage as well as the finished product? Is there an added fee for this?
• Do you offer DVDs?
• What is the charge per extra copy made?
• Will you be able to film while a photographer is present?
• Will you be the one who will be shooting my wedding? If not, can I speak with that person?
• What types of cameras and microphones will you use? How new is the equipment? Where will they be placed?
• Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?
• How long will it take to receive our completed video after the wedding?
• Will a backup camera be on hand for the event?
• How far in advance must I book your services?
• What is your cancellation policy?
• Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?
• How far in advance must I book your services?
• What is your cancellation policy?
• Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

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A Picture Perfect Day

It may be hard to imagine now, but after many months of hard work and detailed planning, your wedding day will suddenly arrive… and zooooom! The hours will fly by in a blur of beautiful, moving, memorable moments. And after the cake has been eaten, the dress has been carefully put away, and the gifts have been opened – you and your new spouse will be left with the most precious gift of all: memories of your special day. There is simply no better way to capture and preserve these memories than with a collection of beautiful photographs that not only document the day and its events, but also embody the emotions and spirit of your wedding. Quite frankly, this is simply nota component of your wedding planning to treat lightly! Invest the time, attention and budget necessary to ensure that your wedding memories will be preserved for the future.
What’s your style?
Start by determining which style of wedding photography is right for you and your fiancé. Here are brief descriptions of the three main styles.

Photography by Mark Janzen Photography

Formal or traditional. This style produces color, posed portraits of you and your groom, your wedding party, and your families, along with all of the traditional wedding moments such as the cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss.
Photojournalistic. This style is a popular trend in wedding photography, and it means your photographer will be shooting your wedding as if it’s a news event, capturing hundreds of candid moments on film. These photographers tend to use more black & white film, for a classic, timeless and emotional effect.

Artistic. Artistic photographers use a variety of special effects to create a dramatic, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Effects could include double exposures, hand tinting, special borders and much more.
Most photographers offer a blend of two or more styles, but tend to specialize in, and focus on, just one. If you like the photojournalistic style, but want some posed formal portraits to showcase your families or the day’s special moments, find a photographer that can comfortably do both.

So which style is right for you? The first step is to think about the end product: what is most important to you, to have after your wedding? Do you definitely want to have beautiful, timeless, color portraits of you and your groom that you can elegantly frame and display? Do you want a large number of candid, heartfelt moments – many captured in black & white, to document your day? Are you envisioning a one-of-a-kind, artistic piece to hang on your wall after the wedding that incorporates one or more images from the big event?
To help you, take a look at friends’ wedding albums, surf around professional photographer’s web sites, clip photos from magazines of photography that moves you, and spend some time in photographers’ booths at wedding shows. All of this research will help you zero in on what style of photography you seem drawn to, and ultimately, which one you want to use for your wedding.

How to find the right photographer.
Once you’ve established the style that is best for you, it’s time to find a professional photographer that meets your needs. Start the process by collecting referrals from friends, reviewing helpful resources like Premier Bride, attending bridal shows and surfing the Internet. Create a short list of potential photographers that specialize in the style you desire, based on their work and your budget, and set up an in-person or phone consultation with them.
Your goal at this consultation is to evaluate three main areas:

  1. Do you like their work? Be sure to see complete wedding albums along with individual photos, to get the best idea of the end product you can expect to receive. Also, be very sure that you know exactly WHO will be shooting YOUR wedding – and view their work, as some larger studios have more than one photographer.
  2. Do your personalities mesh? Of all your wedding vendors, the photographer is the one vendor with whom you will spend a good deal of time on your wedding day. You want to feel comfortable with this person! Even if he or she is a great photographer, if your personalities just don’t ‘click’ – you may want to keep looking.
  3. Do they fit your budget? It’s so critical to have a budget amount in mind before looking for a photographer, so that you can feel confident that the one you’ve decided on, and love, also meets your financial requirements.

The different parts of a photography package.
As you’re selecting your photographer, it may help to be aware of the various elements generally included in wedding photography packages. Most photographers also offer these elements ‘a la carte,’ or can create a custom package that specifically meets your needs – so be sure to ask.

Bride & Groom’s Album. There are a wide variety of wedding albums available today, and they vary in size, color, material, construction and price. When comparing different photographers’ bride & groom albums, be sure you’re noting the quantity of photos and in what sizes, to make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples.”

Parents’ albums. The parents’ albums are smaller versions of the bride & groom album, and have traditionally included about twenty 5×7 photographs. Photos should be carefully selected for each family, to create two (or more) custom family albums.

Extra prints. You will probably want to order extra photographs in addition to the main album and parents’ albums, for yourself or your parents to have some framed portraits at home, for members of the wedding party, and for other close friends and family members. Don’t underestimate how many prints you will want after the wedding, as this will definitely impact your budget.
Proofs. Ask your photographer how many proofs you will get, and in what format. They may be provided as small photos, in digital format, on the Internet, or on contact sheets.

Engagement photograph. This is a posed portrait of the newly engaged couple, which can be sent to newspapers with information announcing your engagement. You may also choose to put a framed engagement photo by the guest book at your reception.

Music: The Sound of Romance

On your wedding day, nothing sets the mood, stirs the emotions or touches the heart more than music. From the solemn, beautiful sounds of the ceremony, to the background melodies of the cocktail hour, to the lively dance tunes that energize the reception, music brings the romance to your day.

Party DJ Party Gallery

Music For Your Ceremony
The very first step in determining the music for your ceremony is to consider what you want, or what you envision, for your day. Do you want a vocalist? Do you want several musicians there, or just a pianist? It’s helpful to take notice during any weddings you attend while engaged, of what you liked (or didn’t care for) when it came to the ceremony music. Once you and your fiancé have some ideas in mind, seek out wedding musicians by visiting bridal shows, reviewing local bridal publications or online sources such as premierbride.com, or asking for referrals from your ceremony officiant or recently married friends. Or, consider working with a talent/booking agency, which can offer experienced, convenient, one-stop-shopping for all of your wedding music needs. Once you’ve found some options, arrange meetings to hear them play in person – if you haven’t heard them live already.

Dazzling Productions Inc.

Once you’ve determined your ceremony musicians, they can help you select the songs to include in your wedding ceremony – how many, when, and so on. They are usually quite experienced when it comes to weddings, and will be a great resource. (Your officiant will be helpful here as well, so be sure to involve them also.) If you have specific songs in mind already, you’ll be able to hear a preview of exactly what they will sound like on your wedding day. And if you need some ideas, your musicians will be able to guide you and offer plenty of options.

Music For Cocktails and Dinner

The key element during cocktails and dinner is conversation, so the music playing during these times should set the mood, but not intrude. You have three options here: use the musicians that played during your ceremony, use the band or DJ that will be playing at your dance reception, or hire different musicians for this part of the day.

If you do decide to have live music, chamber music, classical guitar or perhaps a jazz ensemble are all good choices, and can create a subtle background of entertainment without overpowering conversation. A well-seasoned pianist is another excellent choice, since he or she can supply a wide range of musical styles and perform your guest’s special requests. Or, if you are having a DJ for your dance reception, they can usually provide the cocktails/dinner music as well.

AMS Entertainment

Music For Your Dance Reception
You’re married, cocktails and dinner are over, it’s time to kick up your heels and hit the dance floor! This truly is one of the most critical wedding decisions you’ll make, because nothing can make or break a wedding celebration faster than the entertainment. Fortunately, most wedding vendors are talented professionals, and with the tips included here, you’ll be able to confidently select an excellent entertainer for your big day. Your first big question to answer will be “do we want to have live music (a band or orchestra) or a DJ”? While there are pros and cons to both, it really boils down to personal taste and budget.

Using live music – a band or orchestra – provides a certain festive energy to the evening, and is a wonderful option if your budget allows it. The key is to find a band that specifically does weddings, so that they can offer the versatility you need for a good event. Any live entertainment includes breaks, which can interrupt the flow of your evening, so try to come up with a solution that ensures that music is always playing. If the band is large enough, see if the band members can stagger their breaks so that someone is always playing. Or, hire a pianist or DJ to play during the breaks. Also, good, popular bands or orchestras will usually be more expensive than a DJ. They are well worth the expense, of course, since good entertainment is such a critical element of the wedding, but it just doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. And if you can’t afford a GOOD wedding band, then consider a DJ.

A DJ can provide a huge variety of music, something for everyone, and is generally less costly than a live band or orchestra. And, no breaks! Here are some of the keys to finding a good wedding DJ: 1) If possible, see them live, in action. 2) Find a vendor that is a good fit with you, personality-wise. Looking for a fun, crazy, get-jiggy-with-it party animal? Or a more upscale, elegant, formal entertainer? 3) Communication is critical. Clarify what songs and events you do and don’t want included, the order of events and other details ahead of time.  4) Ask for, and follow up on, several references.

The Nitty Gritty Details

You’ll want to begin researching your reception musicians early in the planning process, so that when you find someone you like, availability is less likely to be a problem. Consider how they sound as well as their personality and style. Whether you hire a band, small orchestra or DJ, your selection of musicians will be a guaranteed success as long as you provide a wide variety of music. From 50s doo-wop to disco, pop or rock, diversity is the key so that every guest attending can hear something they enjoy.

As with any wedding vendor, be sure that everything is very clear and in writing: the fees, cost and details on overtime, start and end times, alternate plans if a musician is sick that day, and so on. If any of your vendors don’t use a contract, then put all the details into a letter and copy it, sending one to the vendor and keep one in your files. Confirm all the details with your musicians about a week before the wedding.

Once you’ve done your homework, selected excellent musicians for every part of your wedding, and nailed down all of the details, you can rest easy. Until, of course, it’s time to start working on your dance moves…

Recommended vendors:

Party DJ Party – 559.252.2700 or 800.549.9110

Mancini Emcee & Sound Production, Inc. 559.733.0741

Dazzling Productions Inc. 559.862.3809

AMS Entertainment 559.896.8280

Haro Entertainment 559.907.3920