The Premier Bride “Top Ten”

What’s your wedding style? After you’re engaged and before you’re knee-deep in wedding planning, take some time with your sweetie and discuss your unique wedding vision. Maybe it isn’t the large, formal, Saturday evening affair. Or, maybe it is. Either way, it should ultimately reflect the two of you.

Marriage license acquired!

Getting the licence!

  • The most critical part of the wedding: the marriage license. Without it, you can’t get married. Call the office in your county that handles marriage licenses, and get all of the important details, such as when you need to apply, how much it costs, and what types of payment are accepted. Do this far in advance of the wedding!
  • Track those gifts and thank you notes. It’s so important to have a fool-proof system to record gifts received and thank you notes sent. With a flood of gifts coming in, and so many notes to write, if you rely solely on memory you’ll become quickly overwhelmed. Thoughts of “did we send Aunt Velma a thank you note yet?” can haunt you.
  • Use the buddy system for out-of-town guests. Try to assign a friendly, outgoing family member or close friend to any out-of-town guests, to act as their ‘ambassador’ for the wedding weekend. The ambassadors can greet guests at the airport, take them to the hotel, and suggest things to do. This makes out-of-towners feel welcome.
  • Know your postage. Once you have a completed invitation available, take it to the post office and get it weighed, so that you’re absolutely positive of the postage required on your invites. And don’t forget that square invites require more postage because the automated machines can’t read them – they don’t know which way is ‘up.’
  • Is your ring insured? As soon as bring your engagement ring home, make sure that you your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy is updated to offer adequate protection in the event of a loss or theft. Take the time needed to learn the details of the coverage – what is and is not covered, etc.
  • Capture your day on video. If your budget is tight, consider hiring a good videographer to get quality ‘raw footage’ of your day. You can always go back later to create an edited summary set to music, but you can’t ever go back to your wedding day!
  • Be a happy bachelorette. Be clear and articulate with your bridesmaids about the type of bachelorette party you would like to have. You don’t have to dictate the details, but if you want an ‘intimate gathering of friends to talk’ and they’re planning a ‘wild night at strip clubs’ you may feel a wee bit disappointed, not to mention uncomfortable.
  • No facials the week before the wedding! Unless you’re a facial-getting regular, don’t get one just before the wedding. It can bring impurities to the surface and you don’t want to break out on your Big Day. Don’t make any major changes to your skin care routine the weeks before, for the same reason.
  • Need a limo? Know the busy seasons! If your wedding is around the holidays or prom time, be sure to book your transportation well in advance, five to six months before the Big Day.